You may receive the following error message when you run QTP/UFT tests on a computer running UFT 11.5:



Failed to create an instance of the COM component with CLSID {2B9B8E92-EBAA-44AF-A23C-9FBD08EAFA54 from IClassFactory} due to the following error: 800401f3

There are two common causes for this error:

  1. You have HP LoadRunner installed. This apparently (according to HP) can cause issues with HP UFT 11.5. At the present time, customers have found the only solution that works is to uninstall LoadRunner from the machine and install it on a separate VM instead.
  2. You don't have the HP UFT remote execution options installed, which allow external tools (such as SpiraTest, RemoteLaunch, HP QC and HP ALM) to connect to the instance of UFT 11.5. To remedy this situation please go to the Tools > Options section inside HP UFT 11.5 and choose the option: "allow other HP products to run tests and components".