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The web-based custom reporting system in Spira v4.1 (or later) is designed to let you easily change the layout and contents of the various reports (and to create your own reports). It works in a format-agnostic manner, so that the same templates and layouts can be used regardless of whether the final report will be in PDF, HTML, Excel or MS-Word format. However sometimes there is a need to modify the specific template used to generate a specific format (e.g. MS-Word). This article describes the process.

This option is only available for customers that are running on-premise since it requires access to the filesystem of the server hosting SpiraTest, SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam.

If you open up the folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SpiraXXXX\Reports

There will be files called MsWord2003.xml and MsWord2007.xml

If you open these up into MS-Word 2003 (or later) you can edit them and save them back into this location. If you change the document header, footer, add a table or contents or make other format-specific modifications, they will be reflected back into the system.

Note that the two files are in two different formats:

  • The MSWord2003 file is stored in MS-Word 2003 OfficeXML format and needs to be saved in that format.
  • The MSWord2007 file is stored in MS-Word HTML format. You need to save the file as an .HTML file and then rename the file extension to .xml.

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