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Sometimes to diagnose issues with SpiraTest, SpiraPlan, SpiraTeam or KronoDesk it is helpful to increase the logging level to log all trace activity in the system. This KB article describes how to enable this feature.

You can enable more logging by going to the Web.config file and uncommenting out the section on trace listeners:

    <add name="eventLogListener"
    <add name="fileListener"
      initializeData="C:\Program Files\SpiraTest\SpiraTest_Trace.log"/>

You need to uncomment the previous section and specify a real file location that you want the trace log file written to. Then you can change the logging levels themselves by changing:

   <add name="generalSwitch" value="1" />
   <add name="queriesSwitch" value="1" />


   <add name="generalSwitch" value="3" />
   <add name="queriesSwitch" value="3" />

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