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Querying Child Requirements in a Custom Report

In our standard requirements traceability report, we display a list of test cases associated with the current requirement. However for parent requirements (Epics) that have child requirements that map to test cases, they are don't display the child requirements' test cases. This article explains how you can modify the report to include them.

Requirement - Test Step Traceability Report

Of the unique needs of a requirements and test management system when working in the Defense industry, specifically when designing, building, and testing mission systems, is the ability to link individual test steps to the requirements.  This article provides you with a custom report to use to display such a traceability matrix.

Creating a Requirements Traceability Report of Requirements Tests and Defects

A customer asked us if it was possible to create a version of the requirements traceability report that would display the following:

  • Requirement (name and ID)
  • Test Case (name and ID)
  • Test Run (ID and execution status)
  • Incident (ID)