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This forum has our pet peeves and rants and raves, please join in, but please be respectful.

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Submitting Help Desk Tickets Without Doing Research? No More!
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Often times we find it amusing to get help desk tickets from customers that are trying to do something (e.g. integrate SpiraTeam with product X) and to answer their question, all I have to do is searc...
Six Years Later and All The DataSets Are Gone
248 views 1 replies
So in 2010 as we worked on SpiraTeam v3.0 we started developing the new version using ASP.NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. As we upgraded our environment, we realized that all of the old SpiraTeam cod...
Claiming New and Improved Versions that arent
202 views 1 replies
Version 5.x of SpiraTest claimed to host a slew of new features and improvements.After about a month of playing with it, I haven't been able to find much of an upgrade from the 4.2 version. I'm sure t...
Are You Treating Your Testers Like Robots
226 views 1 replies
WHY DO people try to make humans do a task that is better suited to computers... WHY DO people try to make computers do a job better suited to humans!Imagine you have a website that you have to test...
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