Unit Test Integration

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Questions and discussions around using SpiraTest or SpiraTeam to record the results of unit testing. This forum includes any of the plug-ins for the populate unit test frameworks such as JUnit, NUnit, etc.

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I wrote a class with public class ABCDE: MSTestExtensionsTestFixture. I have a couple of unit tests under it. Now , the issue is I am not able to see the tests in VS. Test explorer. The build is...
JUnit Integration with Hosted version
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I am trying to use the JUnit extension to send execution results to SpiraTest. I am constantly getting the following error. Does this extension works with the hosted Spira?Error sending results to Spi...
@SpiraTestCase and more IDs
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Hello, I try to solve a situation - one unit test covers more then one test case. (I'm not author neither test or TC, I only map relations) Of course, I can copy test methods but I'd prefer using...
SpiraTest Add-In not appearing in NUnit
8416 views 1 replies
How come that I don't see the SpiraTest Add-In when I add your extension to my installation of NUnit 2.4?...
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