GIT plugin: 32-bit git.dll missing entry point git_diff_blobs

Monday, April 7, 2014
After upgrading from SpiraTest to SpiraTeam, I am trying to use the SpiraTeam Git plugin v3.2.0.
SpiraTeam works fine and the Git plugin "mostly" works.
It successfully browses my Git repository: it can list and download files, and it can associate them to artifacts.

When I click on a source file in Tracking -> Source Code, for example 'src/TTCGui/fwd.h', I get the following error:
Provider Error: Unable to load the source code provider
Source Code File: fwd.h
: src/TTCGui/fwd.h Opens in new window
File Type (Size): C Header CHeader.png (434 KB) : 28/03/2014 10.16.18
: Massimiliano Ghilardi : Revision df45604d05

And the "Revisions" tab for the source file remains empty. The "Association" tab still works. This happens for ALL source files.

Checking the Windows Event Log I found a lot of errors, all similar to this:
Tipo evento:    Errore
Origine evento:    SpiraTeam
Categoria evento:    Nessuno
ID evento:    0
Data:        07/04/2014
Ora:        10.22.51
Utente:        N/D
Computer:    XP-SPIRATEST
In APPLICATION.Business.SourceCode::RetrieveRevisionsForFile:
   Could not find file 'src/TTCGui/fwd.h' [APPLICATION.PlugIns.VersionControlArtifactNotFoundException]
   Impossibile trovare un punto di ingresso con nome 'git_diff_blobs' nella DLL 'git2'. [System.EntryPointNotFoundException]
   {{{{ translation: cannot find entry point named 'git_diff_blobs' in DLL 'git2'. [System.EntryPointNotFoundException] }}}}
Stack Trace:
   in APPLICATION.PlugIns.GitProvider.GitVersionControlPlugIn.RetrieveRevisionsForFile(Object token, String fileKey, String sortProperty, Boolean sortAscending, Hashtable filters)
   in APPLICATION.Business.SourceCode.RetrieveRevisionsForFile(Int32 userId, String fileKey, Int32& totalCount)

For completeness, I checked the symbols in 'git2.dll', taken from and installed alongside GitProvider.dll, Inflectra.Global.dll, and LibGit2Sharp.dll in C:\Programmi\Spiratest\VersionControl
as per installation instructions. The installed git2.dll is 32-bit, since SpiraTeam is installed on a 32-bit Windows XP box, and it contains the symbol _git_diff_blobs@36 but does NOT contain the symbol git_diff_blobs

I also checked the symbols in 64-bit git2.dll (which I cannot use due to 32-bit Windows XP), and this one DOES contain the symbol git_diff_blobs.

Any idea on how to solve this error?

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Monday, April 7, 2014
re: m.ghilardi Monday, April 7, 2014

Hi Massimilano

Could you please log a help desk ticket with this information, we can then try and reproduce this for you.



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