RemoteLaunch Automation Engine Questions

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Discussions about using the different test automation engines that can be invoked from RemoteLaunch. Please do not post general RemoteLaunch questions in this forum.

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SpiraTeam shows wrong execution status
170 views 2 replies
Hi, Im using Spira RemoteLaunch with ReadyAPI 2.4.0. When I run a test. I see in the log (Spirateam) that the whole test is passed. But in Spirateam it says it failed. I cant find a reason…
Remote procedure call fails and sets tests to "Blocked"
391 views 2 replies
Hi All, We have Remote Launch (v5.1) setup to run TestExecute (12.5) tests on a Windows 10 machine. Some of our tests are being Blocked and we cannot figure out why. Below is the error from the Sp…
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID{###} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered
1539 views 1 replies
I am attempting to run my Tests from remote launcher, this occured: Exception: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {CCCF29F2-B038-48B1-8473-CD5FFFE4B2C9} failed due to the …
can't find project credentials while working with TE 12
1197 views 1 replies
Hi guys, we want to start using Spira for our tests and for the test I run RemoteLunch on VM with win 2008R2-64 (most common OS for our users). but there is a small problem, Spira cant see project c…
Creating Testcases for a testset with a Custom Automation Engine
1499 views 1 replies
We currently have a Spira testset, with no testcases, that points to a test script which details all of the testcases to be run with our custom automation engine. Since, there are no testcases defined…
Automation filename contents for SoapUI integration
7262 views 6 replies
Hi, Now I can edit the filename field, please can I get more information on filling it out for SoapUI? When I enter the path to the project, I get a plugin engine error with the following exception, …
RemoteLaunch with TestComplete 12
5737 views 1 replies
SmartBear has now released TestComplete v12. Are there plans to release RemoteLaunch TestComplete 12 extensions? Do I need to wait for the new extensions before upgrading to Test Complete 12 so th…
Possibility to pass parameters to UFT engine
3631 views 1 replies
I'm running some UFT test cases from Spira: - setting UFT as Automation Engine - setting in FileName parameter the path to the test case to run (ie, "C:\UFT_Test\TestDemo"). This test case works with…
RemoteLaunch and Selenium 2
3650 views 4 replies
Hi All, I've created an automated test case in Spirateam, setting: "Selenium 2" as Automation Engine Java Selenium script path in the Filename. When I run it, I get an error: Exception: …
RemoteFilter for test set selection
3594 views 1 replies
Hello, Please help me. I need to filter test sets with RemoteFolter usage for IdentLevel and Folder type via SOAP interface in Java. Vould you send me an example? Thank you! …
Does RemoteLaunch support Borland SilkTest?
8595 views 1 replies
Is there a way to use RemoteLaunch with Borland's Silk Test? …
RemoteLaunch with TestComplete
8533 views 1 replies
Is there an easy way to create incidents from failed Test Runs from TestComplete 9? …
Remote Launch not working with Selenium 2.0
8836 views 1 replies
I have done all steps mentioned in the guide. But when I try to run my test set, I get the following error: I am trying to run the test on Firefox. The description for Event ID 0 from …
"Execution Status"s Questions
8418 views 1 replies
Hello I purchased spiratest4.0 version I use RemoteLaunch perform automated testing HP loadrunner the scenario is successful, he will return passed the "Execution Status" I ask whether there ar…
Step by step break down
8905 views 3 replies
Hi, I created a test case which consists of 10 steps.I have a automated script for all 10 steps for that test case. If I execute the test set . It will run that script and returns th…
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