RemoteLaunch gave a Unknown? Test Name in TestComplete 9.2!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I've been using TestComplete and SpiraTeam RemoteLauch together for more than Year and it had been working fine using TestComplete 8. After updating to TestComplete 9.2 and using the extenstion provided by Inflectra for the new version, Unable to work inisitate the execution throw SpiraRemoteLaunch!!! We are getting an status as Blocked after the execution!!! when we went into the Blocked status, able to find a error message stating Unknown Test Name. Have done much research on this failures, but could not identified the root case of the can you please help me on this


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Monday, April 22, 2013
re: administrator Sunday, April 21, 2013

The issue is that the "filename" you are using in SpiraTest to map to the TestComplete test case is not correct.

You need to use either:

  1. If you want to execute a specific project item, the filename should consist of
    Suite Filename|Project Name|Project Item Name
    (e.g. [CommonDocuments]\TestComplete 7 Samples\Open Apps\OrdersDemo\C#\TCProject\Orders.pjs|Orders_C#_C#Script|ProjectTestItem1)
  2. If you want to execute a specific test routine, the filename should consist of
    Suite Filename|Project Name|Unit Name|Routine Name
    (e.g. [CommonDocuments]\TestComplete 7 Samples\Scripts\Hello\Hello.pjs|Hello_C#Script|hello_cs|Hello)


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