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Thursday, May 23, 2013
I'm just about to start my first "from the beginning" release in Spira. I was unable to take advantage of many of the release/sprint planning tools due to our data migration, and would like to make sure I do the correct steps up front to take advantage of them next release. Is there any sort of best practices documentation for release planning that I can follow? I'm particularly interested in:
  • Setting specific resource availability, including vacation time and "non-project" time.
  • Allocating those resources to various releases to get a breakdown by sprint of how many true development hours I have available.
  • Real time burndown tracking showing available vs remaining hours each sprint.
  • Efficiency metrics by developer showing how much of their project time was truly put toward project work. E.g. they have 35 hours available in a week, but only completed 30 hours of actual work.
I appreciate any documentation or tips that others have founds useful.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013
re: cking Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hi Clint

We'll let other users respond to this thread, however from our perspective, here's some ideas:

  • The Tracking > Resources view can be used to give visibility of developer efficiency metrics, but it's aggregated over a release/iteration rather than over a specific week.
  • There are burndown graphs in the Reports center
  • When setting the # working hours in the Release and Iteration details pages, you should determine how many true working hours are available per day. In most cases it will be less than 8, typically nearer 6.



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