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Discussions of best practices for using SpiraTest in specific situations / environments for requirements and test management. Please do not pose general issues in this forum.

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It is difficult to see the open fields in the detail pages
606 views 1 replies
Hi Our users complain that it is difficult to see which fields are open - they miss a border lining the open fields. Or that the open fields have a different colour from the background. Will you d…
Assign test cases within a test set for execution
5545 views 5 replies
Hi, I have some testers that have created a Test Set containing ~40 test cases or so. They've executed the test set to begin the process, but they want to only have certain test cases within …
Creating Test Sets from multiple Test Case folders
1056 views 1 replies
Hi, We have an extensive array of folders and subfolders for test cases covering different parts of different applications. Creating manually a test set for each subfolder is very time-consuming task…
Shortcut to Save the test case updates, add new step, save the current step
1092 views 1 replies
Please let us know if there are any shortcut keys to Save the test case updates, add new step, save the current step. It would be so helpful if there are any. …
Needed: backward referenz from the linked testcase to all testcases using it - and how to reset execution status
6352 views 5 replies
Dear all, I have to implement testcases so called "lifecycle" ... which for me is to enter (1) an instruction, to modify (2), verify (3) up to processed (9) or deleted (10). Full details are not imp…
Upgrade from to
5326 views 1 replies
Hello! I am currently running SpiraTest version and preparing to upgrade to Is there any guide or best practises to follow?. Or is it pretty straightforward? I have connect…
requirements and multiple products
10715 views 6 replies
Hi, part of our organization works with multiple products (each having their own releases), sharing some requirements. How do I manage requirement coverage for this? As requirements can only be li…
Test Conditions
5362 views 2 replies
In order to comply with some testing standards, we need to introduce Test conditions into our projects and want to incorporate this into SPIRA. Is there currently a best practice way of doing this? …
What are best practices for testing processes in ERP environment
5203 views 1 replies
We have started using SpiraTest as test tool for our ERP upgrade activities. As part of the testing we also execute Integration test where we track a specific transaction through the different …
How to notify next tester that a test case has been completed
5152 views 1 replies
When there are multiple test cases assigned to a test set, and the test cases are assigned to different tester, is there an easy way that a tester is notified by email that the previous test ca…
Workflow transition rules are not valid in list view
9565 views 3 replies
Dear all, for my project I implemented an own (reduced) workflow - which was very straight and easy to do... and it works fine in the full detail views. In the list view for all incidents I can edit…
Working with releases/sprints
9646 views 3 replies
Hi, In our project we are working with releases and sprints. Each release consists with some sprints, is there a way to add requirements to a sprint AND a release? Now our requirements are attached …
Running automated TC's from Rapise in SpiraTest
9924 views 3 replies
Hello, i have installed SpiraTest and Rapise(trial version) - i've created several TC's in SpiraTest and configured the relationship between SpiraTest&Rapise - all it's fine - however…
Spiratest and JUnit Automated Tests
6271 views 2 replies
I'm trying to set up a connection between Spiratest and my automated tests (Thucydides/Selenium/Junit). But I have no connection so far. If I debug my test, it doesn't reach the code that is respon…
Best Practices for Testing Multiple Releases Using SpiraTest
7445 views 3 replies
Create an entry in SpiraTest for release v1.0 Write test cases, and assign to release v1.0 Create test sets, ensuring they are assigned to release v1.0, and give them to the testers Per…
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