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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTest. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTest.

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Test Sets - Can Planned Date and Actual Duration show minutes and seconds?
70 views 2 replies
Hello. Is there any way I can set the Planned Date and Actual Duration to show minutes and seconds on the Test Sets view? Right now Planned Date only shows date and Actual Duration only shows number…
Automatically updates in Requirements in separate Project which has associations with each other
93 views 1 replies
Hi I have Main Project with almost 1000 requirements and have separate one (Project EC - 30 requirements). I did association with both, but is it possible to get automatically updates/changes... whe…
Several Test Sets with the same test cases are mimicking the results of steps on other sets share by other users.
131 views 1 replies
We are using a cloud install of SpiraTest. \ We are migration testing data from legacy systems to a new EHR. Having problems with behavior of the test steps. We are reviewing 200 patients that 6 …
SpiraTeam synchornization issue with resolution status "unresolved" from JIRA
180 views 2 replies
Hi, We are currently seeing an error when synchronizing defects with JIRA on the resolution field. As JIRA does not store a physical resolution field for Unresolved, the value being returned is empt…
Adding JUnit jar to a gradle project
192 views 2 replies
Hi, Im using Bobcat as automation framework, and it uses gradle to build it. I want to use also the JUnit plugin so my test results are written into Spiratest. I added the jar to the library of my…
bulk change of 'Execution Status'
1624 views 1 replies
I have a suite of 5,000 test cases for an upcoming product (that is currently in pre-Alpha development). Some of the test cases are ready to be run... because the functionality is "in". But a good…
Want to add Test Set ID in Detailed Test Case Report.
169 views 1 replies
Want to add Test Set ID in Detailed Test Case Report. Can anyone help me on this, as this is the requirement coming from business and I have tried the knowledge base articles but with no success. …
Folder IDs no longer exist in Spira 5+?
1369 views 3 replies
Hello, I really like the change in folder management introduced in Spira 5.0. However, Ive noticed that folders can be no longer filtered or searched for by TC ID they used to have before. F…
Is it possible for Nunit to read a configuration file with information for test run (Release ID, etc...)
1189 views 4 replies
Currently we are running automated tests in Nunit that are associated with test cases in a test set in SpiraTest. In order to test different iterations, we need to recompile each time with an up…
New Administrator Dashboards (as announed)
258 views 2 replies
Will the Administrator Dashboard and Project Administrator Dashboard also be available in SpiraTEST 6.0; or will this only be for SpiraPLAN 6.0 ?? Here was the announcement link: http://www.inflec…
List View - custom settings?
202 views 1 replies
Is there a way to set a text field such as Description to word wrap when the field is set to be shown in a list view? Right now, its one row in length. …
Creating a custom graph or report with time as function
231 views 1 replies
Hi! Im looking for a way to create a burndown chart from all the test cases not in Passed, grouped by day. One of the built-in widgets in SpiraTest does this so Im sure theres a table to ref…
query regarding rapise and spiratest
277 views 1 replies
Hi, I have following questions 1.Unable to see the test result in Spiratest for automation testing using Rapise. Note:Neccessary connections are made from Spiratest connections to Rapise tool. 2.…
Strikethrough, subscript, supersrcipt loses text formatting when copy and paste in SpiraTest
214 views 1 replies
Is it possible to format the Description text for strikethrough, subscript, and superscript? When I copy text from a Word or Excel, the formatting is lost when pasted in SpiraTest. Thank you. …
Cannot Set Automation Host For Test Set
262 views 1 replies
Im trying to integrate Selenium with SpiraTest. I added the automation host in administration settings, set the automation host and settings in two tests, and added those tests to a fresh test set. H…
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