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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTest. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTest.

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Is it possible to change a test case status from Caution or N/A back to Not Run?
20 views 3 replies
We have some test cases that were marked as N/A or Caution but would like to execute them at a later date. Is it possible to change the status back to Not Run, so they can be tested when exeucting a ...
Jira Integration issue
76 views 1 replies
have run into issues integrating Spiratest with Jira. We have the hosted service. 1. Downloaded and DesktopDataSync.exe and copied Jira dlls to the same folder. Made sure that the service is running...
Jira Integration
2224 views 4 replies
I have run into issues integrating Spiratest with Jira. We have the hosted service. 1. Downloaded and DesktopDataSync.exe and copied Jira dlls to the same folder. Made sure that the service is runni...
User Custom Fields
68 views 1 replies
Is it possible to add additional fields to the Add User form that can then be displayed within the View/Edit Users page?In the default configuration a user can have an email address added to their acc...
Release version field is too short (20 chars)
87 views 1 replies
Hello, we found out that there is a restriction in release version field. Unfortunatelly we need much more characters than that - possibly 40, because were keeping a lot of informations in this field....
Finding the correct report type
99 views 1 replies
Hello,Im looking at the reports that are included with SpiraTest v5.2 but I feel like Im lacking a simple report for the requirements and if theyve been executed within a certain release and their res...
Compatibility with IE11
95 views 1 replies
We upgrade to the latest version 5.2 and when I log in for the 1st time the view of the Incident page was displaying wrong. After I added the site to the Compatibility View setting and refreshed, the...
Spiratest Audit log
128 views 1 replies
Hi, where can I find audit log for Spiratest? I would like to see instances of users logging in, changing password, changing roles etc. thank you for advice ...
Global menu not showing
2551 views 1 replies
Hello! I have just installed SpiraTest and managed to log in with the administrator user. However the global menu is not showing correct.It only contains a search field. Is it something I have to ad...
Cannot Import Test Cases.
173 views 2 replies
Hello. In the company where I work there is no official support for SpiraTest and on our server installed v., so I cant import test cases to SpiraTest because me need SpiraTeam Microsoft Office...
Restoring Deleted Test Cases
8184 views 8 replies
In the last week, we have done some rather major reconfiguring of data in projects in test sets and test case moves. At some point, we lost a major set of test sets GÇô an entire suite. So, is there...
Incidents in Spira Test 5.2 - where have my dropdown lists gone?
332 views 2 replies
We changed version to Spira Test yesterday, and when I create a new incident now, I can only choose from the dropdown list in Detected Release.All other fields are either defaulted (Detected b...
Is it possible to generate an incident report semi-automatically (without me having to enter the interface and select the same things day after day)
188 views 1 replies
Hello,I have to generate the same report day after day.Every day I have to login to SpiraTest portal and select the same options (creation date from-to, select Excel 2017, click export report .etc...W...
Custom Report for All Changed Rqmts/TCs from a previous Date
166 views 1 replies
I would like to generate a custom report that shows all of the changes to requirements since a particular date. The report would identify the requirements changed and the changes made. Since SpiraTe...
Accessibility issue with Test Case "Save and New" step button
222 views 3 replies
Hi,Ive encountered this issue, already in SpiraTest 5.0 and now in 5.1 too.When user is adding new test cases step and uses Tab key to jump through text boxes to Save and New button, pressing enter do...
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