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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTest. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTest.

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How can I remove an incident associated to a test case whenI associated the wrong incident?
10 views 0 replies
I was running a test case and went to associate and existing incident to the test case but I entered the wrong incident ID and now I have no option to remove the wrong incident from being associated …
I need to use Incident Resolution field values in my cutom query.
48 views 2 replies
Hi All, I need to use Incident Resolution field values in my cutom query. Could anyone let me know from which table can I get Incident Resolution field value. I did ask Inflectra Support guys a…
SpiraTest Language Pack
29 views 0 replies
Does SpiraTest offer a lanugage pack to install, like SpiraTeam? I can only see how to change the default language for the tool. …
Archiving and project status inactive
49 views 2 replies
Hi. What are the benefits of setting a project as inactive? Is not visible in search results? Increses performance because its no longer indexed? Are there any tools to archive / backup a singl…
Copy Test Steps to another Test Case
1968 views 11 replies
Is there anyway to copy test steps from one test case to another?…
Adding requirements at test step level
587 views 2 replies
Hi, I'm not sure if it's on your roadmap at all, but would it be possible for you to consider adding the ability to add a requirement at test step level as well as at test case. I appreciate …
eMail Notification, ScreenShot
129 views 1 replies
Hi, during incident creation, user include screenshot in descrption. How to include screenshot in notofication mail (not the url) ? Thanks in advance. Pol. Spiratest release 5.3 …
Artifact id number
421 views 2 replies
Is there any way to have my artifact id numbers start from 1 for a new project? I created a new project and the numbers continue from the previous project, so my first requirement ID is 188 instead o…
Dependant (aka: Cascading) Lists
162 views 1 replies
Hi, Has SpiraTest added support for cascading (aka: dependant) lists. That is, based on the value I select within the parent list for an INDICENT (eg: Parent List = Incident_Type), the subsequ…
SpiraTest - Loose state run test case afer modify enable a directory
129 views 1 replies
Hi, How to rallback states run of tests case in subdirectories after enable a high level directory was disable ? Kind regards, Benjamin-Michel GRIFFART …
How to tell which folder a test case belongs to?
143 views 1 replies
When weve bookmarked a test case* and load it, it appears in the UI without any context. Wed like to be able to find out which folders the test case belongs to. Theres a Folders panel to the left, …
Defects tracking
203 views 3 replies
I am wondering if there is a way to check if an incident has failed a retest more then once? This could either be an incident listed with multiple retests or multiple validation failed I understand …
add test cases to existing test run
187 views 1 replies
I have already set a test set and the tester has begun the rest run. I can add extra test cases to that test set. How can I add these test cases also into the existing test run? …
Release version field is too short (20 chars)
450 views 3 replies
Hello, we found out that there is a restriction in release version field. Unfortunatelly we need much more characters than that - possibly 40, because were keeping a lot of informations in this field…
unable to connect to server. there was no eendpoint listening error
465 views 3 replies
Hello Team, I have installed installed ExcelAddin for SpiraTeam on my system ExcelAddIn Version: MsOffice2010AddInsSetup MS Office Version: 2016 When I try to connect to SpiraTeam using the…
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