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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTest. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTest.

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Best way to upgrade SpiraTest 4.2 to 5.0
289 views 3 replies
My company is trying to upgrade SpiraTest from version 4.2 to 5.0. The plan is to install 5.0 on a separate server, test it, make sure everything is working fine and only after that to upgrade it on...
Missing some Email Notification settings
74 views 1 replies
Hi,I'm missing some settings in Email notification events setup.Our use-case is:1. Manual tester updates test case steps of existing automated test.2. Notification is sent to Automation owner of that ...
Jira - Spiratest user story sync.
33 views 1 replies
Hi.I have some problems syncing User Stories from jira down to the Requirements section in spiratest.Everything is set up just right. Syncing the incidents is working OK.I have used the user story key...
Can Test Runs be updated if test cases are edited or new test cases are added to the test set
123 views 1 replies
I am in the middle of a test run when i realized two things.One of my test cases is unreadable due to how i formated the description text. In another window i go and update the test case so the descr...
Test Case Count next to Test Set is not getting updated while using soap api
68 views 1 replies
Hi, I am creating a test case using soap api and then linking it to a test set. But the number of test cases is not shown next to test set name in this scenario.I have done a analysis on this iss...
Creating a Regression Pack
130 views 1 replies
I am new to SpiraTest and in the current test tool (TFS) they use the Tagging facility to mark individual tests cases as "Regression Tests" to then pull into a test suite for Regression Testing ...
Unable to delete duplicate widgets
80 views 2 replies
Is it possible to delete "Closed Widgets" from the Report menu? If you add another one that was recently closed you the following: "Incident Date Range Graphs [1]"...
IADT verification methods
71 views 2 replies
Hi all,I have a question about assignation of tests in SpiraTest application.I usually refer to IADT (Inspection, Analysis, Demonstration, Test) verification method to define the test method to be p...
Moving requirement using REST API
77 views 2 replies
Hi,Consider the following requirement structure:req1 req2 req4 req3 req5req3 needs to be moved to same level as req1, which is the highest level, no parent.Intended sctructure:re...
baselining artifacts
478 views 2 replies
Hi,in another thread (http://www.inflectra.com/Support/Forum/spiratest/issues-questions/326.aspx) I saw that baselining is foreseen for release 4.1.questions:- is this still foreseen for release 4.1...
Customizing Screen Layouts
53 views 2 replies
How does a user customize the various pages like Incidents for example. I want to rearrange where the fields appear on the page but I don't see a place where i can change the screen layoutIs this pos...
Incident Description field is required even when hidden and disabled
99 views 1 replies
I have defined my workflow for incidents to have a defect in status NEW should have DESCRIPTION field disabled and hidden (and it is NOT a required field).However when I go to save a new incident it t...
Default Font Type and Size
100 views 1 replies
I am new with SpiraTest and I am evaluating it using the trial version.I have a question about the possibility to define the default font type and size for the application (to be used within fields ...
Incident Default Fields
54 views 1 replies
Hi,I have a new instance of Spiratest and I am trying to raise an incident directly from the Test Run window. It tells me that I have not entered data into the Detected in Release field but thi...
Workflow - Auto Assignment for some of the Incident fields and Auto Save
364 views 2 replies
Two of the features that are developers really miss with SpiraTest that they had with our previous tool is the ability to set auto assignment rules within the workflows for incidents, and auto save...
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