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Sometimes the application under test doesn't contain any learnable objects. In that case you may need to use the fallback of Analog Recording. This guide describes how you perform analog recording.

The Analog Recording feature  of Rapise allows you to record user keyboard and mouse events and playback them  when needed. Analog Recording is not about interacting with specfic GUI controls, instead it involves  simulating the keyboard and mouse activity of the user.

Analog Recording may be helpful if you test 

  • Console applications 
  • Applications accessible via VNC, Citrix, or any other terminal emulator
  • Custom controls that are not natively supported by Rapise

Types of Analog Recording

During Analog Recording, Rapise will record your mouse movements,  keyboard inputs, and clicks. There are two types of Analog Recording - absolute  and relative

  • Absolute: Mouse coordinates are recorded relative to the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Relative:  Mouse coordinates are recorded relative to the top left corner of the object beneath the mouse cursor.


To perform analog recording, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Recording Activity dialog. 
  2. To record in Absolute mode, press CTRL+4.  To record in Relative mode, press the Analog button. 
  3. Press CTRL+Break to end analog recording.  You can alternate between normal and analog recording in the same Recording session.
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