Once you are ready to begin the migration, contact us at support@inflectra.com once you have made the purchase and have your software download and license key ready.

The steps for migration will be as follows:
  1. Install the Inflectra product on your hardware, choosing the standard installation. You will now have the product with a blank or sample database.
  2. Contact Inflectra Support and let us know that you are ready to begin the migration.
  3. We will shut down your hosted trial instance and perform a full database backup
  4. We will combine the database backup with a folder of any 'file attachment' artifacts into a single ZIP format compressed folder.
  5. Once the backup has been down, we shall make the ZIP file available for download
  6. You then download the ZIP file and extract its contents.

Now that you have the contents of the ZIP file ready, to restore it onto your system, you will need to:

  1. Delete the sample database that installed with the product
  2. Restore in its place the backup from our ZIP file
  3. Link the database login with the restored database.
  4. Copy the attachments from the ZIP file into the appropriate Attachments folder location for your local installation
  5. Go into the Administration > Settings within the application and make sure that the Web Server URL and Attachments Folder settings match your new installation.
  6. You may also need to update the mail server to point to your local mail server