When installing Spira on SQL Server 2012 (any edition) using Windows Authentication, you may receive an error message "Cannot Create User" (or similar) during the installation. This is because of a configuration change in SQL Server 2012 (as opposed to earlier versions). This article explains the step needed to prepare SQL Server 2012 for installing Spira v3.x. Newer versions of Spira will not need this step as the installer has been updated.

Once you have installed SQL Server 2012, please do the following:

  • Open up SQL Server Management Studio 2012
  • Connect to the database server
  • Expand the Security > Logins tab
  • Locate the NTAUTHORITY\SYSTEM login
  • Right-click on it and choose Properties
  • On the page that appears, click on the "server roles" tab
  • Check the box next to "sysadmin"
  • Click OK
  • Close SQL Management Studio

You should now be able to install Spira v3.x onto the server.


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