If you have Rapise 5.7+ use Spreadsheet.DoCompare action.


Rapise 5.6 and below

An attached file CompareSpreadsheets.js contains a function:

CompareSpreadSheets(/**string*/xls1Path, /**string*/xls2Path, /**bool*/noAssertion)

Its intention is to compare to Excel sheets. 


1. Save CompareSpreadsheets.js into the test folder 

2. Add CompareSpreadsheets.js to the test folder using 'Add File'

3. Include it into <user.js>.


4. And use in RVL:

or in JavaScript:

function Test(params)

    CompareSpreadSheets('UserList1.xlsx', 'UserList2.xlsx');


See also an attached full sample test https://www.inflectra.com/Support/Attachment/84912.aspx