What is TaraVault

TaraVault is our cloud-hosted source code management service that is an add-on for either SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan. It lets you use your choice of Subversion (centralized version control) or Git (distributed version control) on your projects for managing your source code. You can add code, make changes, commit revisions, manage branches, merge changes and link these to requirements, test cases, tasks, builds, and defects in Spira to give you traceability right through to the software code.

How Do I Use It On-Premise?

If you have SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan installed locally on premise, you don't actually need TaraVault since you most likely want your code to also be on-premise. You can of course, ask us to migrate your Spira installation to our cloud service (which we'd be happy to do), but assuming that you want TaraVault on premise, then what you need to do are:

  1. Decide if you want to use use Subversion or Git (or both)
  2. Download and install the standard open-source distributions of either product:
    1. Git Project Homepage
    2. Apache Subversion Home Page
  3. Use our free connectors for SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan which let you hook up Git or Subversion to your on-premise Spira instance.
    1. The documentation can be found here - SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan SCM Integration

What if I have SpiraTest?

If you have SpiraTest, don't worry, you will need to simply contact our sales team to purchase the upgrade from SpiraTest to SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan and then you can use our integrations as well.