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Subversion Hosting with TaraVault

Looking for safe, secure, and globally accessible Subversion source code hosting with integrated ALM and issue-tracking for your enterprise projects? TaraVault is your best choice. For full traceability, TaraVault is integrated with our Spira ALM suite. Look no further.

Support for Branches, Revisions and Tags

The heart of TaraVault is our enterprise-grade Subversion repository hosting. Each TaraVault project comes with its own private Subversion source code repository. When you need image file storage and fine-grained access control, Subversion will be your best choice for source code management.

Subversion Source Code Management

TaraVault and SpiraTeam ALM

Application Lifecycle Management

TaraVault is fully-integrated with our SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam application lifecycle management (ALM) platforms so that you can manage your software development projects in one environment. With powerful features for managing requirements, planning projects, tracking bugs/issues and allocating resources, TaraVault will let you manage your source code repositories, link source code revisions, and ensure quality.

Secure, Reliable and Private

TaraVault is designed for businesses and others that need to keep their source code private, so we take the integrity and security of all customer data very seriously. We combine a number of approaches across our infrastructure to meet the ever-evolving challenges to security and data integrity.

Server Rack

TaraVault Features Source Code Management

The following features illustrate why TaraVault is your best choice for Subversion source code hosting:

  • Robust

  • Enterprise-grade source code repository hosting
  • Integrates with SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam ALM systems for source code browsing
  • Natively handles Subversion branch structure to simplify requirements-code traceability
  • Requirements, tasks, defects and issues can be linked to source code files and revisions for maximum traceability
  • Secure

  • Connections are made via SSL and HTTPS by default
  • Connections are encrypted with 4096-bit encryption
  • Customers can limit access to Subversion by IP address
  • TaraVault instances are housed in top-tier data centers with enterprise-grade security features.
  • Web-based management console for managing users
  • Accessible

  • Access your code from anywhere - your teams around the globe have easy access
  • All services are accessible over HTTPS, allowing them to work through most firewalls without compromising security
  • TaraVault production servers reside on a Gigabit Ethernet network, allowing maximum performance