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SpiraPlan Features Agile PM Software

SpiraPlan® provides a complete Agile Project Management System in one package, that can manages your project's requirements, releases, iterations, tasks and issues in one environment, fully synchronized.

Below are some of the most popular features in SpiraPlan. Click on the appropriate feature name to learn more about the functionality that SpiraPlan offers:

Project Management Features

Project Management

Wish you could see the health of your project on one page? Each project has a dashboard home-page that summarizes all of the information regarding the project into a comprehensive, easily digestible form that provides a “one-stop-shop” for people interested in understanding the overall status of the project at a glance. It contains summary-level information for all types of artifact (requirements, test cases, incidents, etc.) that you can use to drill-down into the appropriate section of the application.

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Document Collaboration

SpiraPlan includes an integrated web-based document management system that allows project members to upload documents in a secure, centralized location, with support for folder organization, documentation taxonomies and meta-tagging as well as built-in version control. Unlike a standalone tool, these documents can then be connected to SpiraPlan artifacts (requirements, tasks, incidents) to provide the complete picture to users.

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Resource Management

SpiraPlan lets you schedule the team members and load balance the task resourcing allocations. As team members work on their assigned tasks they can update their progress in terms of actual and remaining effort. This provides project managers with real-time visibility on the progress of the iteration and early indications of schedule overrun.

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Instant Messaging

SpiraPlan comes with a build-in integrated instant messaging capability. This lets users see which users are currently logged-into the system, maintain a list of contacts and where available, send short instant messages to other users. Any messages exchanged can then be posted to relevant artifacts in the system as permanent comments.

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Email Integration

SpiraPlan has powerful email integration capabilities that ensure that all users are notified about changes in the system, and allows users to raise incidents and post comments directly from their email system.

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Planning Scheduling Features

Requirements Management

SpiraPlan lets you easily manage your requirements and user stories in an integrated requirements matrix. These requirements can be validated with the end customer and then elaborated into more detailed tasks that can be used as the basis for development.

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Release Planning

SpiraPlan provides the ability to manage the list of releases / versions of the software being developed. Each of the releases can be broken down into smaller units of work called Iterations or Sprints. SpiraPlan includes integrated resource estimation capabilities so that you can plan out the team size needed for each iteration.

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Iteration/Sprint Planning

Once you have defined the project backlog of requested features (requirements), SpiraPlan lets you plan the work to be accomplished in each Iteration/Sprint. You can include requirements, tasks and defects - allowing you to determine the schedule impact of addressing critical issues as well as pre-planned features.

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Planning Board

Once the project is underway, the combined business and technical team work together to develop the sprint plan for the iterations, breaking up the features into discrete tasks and assigning the tasks to the individual team members. During development as the team work to complete the various tasks and stories, the system will track changes in the actual effort to determine if the plan needs to be rebalanced to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery.

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Tracking Reporting Features

Bug Tracking

Looking for a better way to track bugs and issues? SpiraPlan offers a complete bug tracking solution that is fully integrated with your planning system. Bug tracking features include support for customizable workflows and fields, flexible reporting, configurable email notifications, and fully editable statuses, priorities, severities and bug types.

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Source Code Integration

SpiraPlan includes support for integrating Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools with the system so that you can browse the source repositories within SpiraPlan. In addition you can link commits/check-ins in the SCM tool to artifacts in SpiraPlan to provide code-level traceability of changes. This functionality will allow the system to track the code changes that are associated with Requirements (stories) that have been implemented, Tasks that have been completed or Incidents (defects) that have been fixed. This gives unparalleled traceability across the development lifecycle.

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Task Management

SpiraPlan includes a robust task management system that lets users define tasks, categorize into types, organize by folder, assign to team members, and track the progress until completion.

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Build Management

SpiraPlan provides the ability to integrate with continuous integration build servers such as Hudson and CruiseControl so that the status of builds can be recorded in SpiraPlan and linked to source code revisions and incidents. This provides traceability for each build, so that you can see what was changed in each build, what was tested and what was fixed.

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SpiraPlan includes an extensive library of printable reports and graphical charts. The reports can be customized through extensible XML based report templates. The supported report formats include: MS-Word, MS-Excel, HTML, Adobe Acrobat and MS-Project.

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Other Features


Customization and configuration are critical for ensuring that a system integrates seamlessly your business processes. SpiraPlan can be configured and customized without any coding or scripting. You can create custom properties throughout the system, customize all the incident fields (status, priority, severity, etc.), create customized email templates, and configure custom workflows for managing your lifecycle.

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SpiraPlan has an extensive administration capability that can be accessed using just a web-browser. To reduce the burden on IT staff, you can delegate project administration to different users, allowing project managers to be self-sufficient.

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IDE Integration

Developers responsible for developing the software code typically need to work in powerful IDEs that are appropriate to the type of the software being developed. Therefore to maximize efficiency and improve productivity, developers can now access their SpiraPlan information directly within their existing IDE. For Visual Studio, there is an Add-In that snaps into the existing Solution Explorer, adding a project explorer that displays the assigned requirements, tasks and incidents. You can open up any of the artifacts in the main viewing pane and act on them accordingly. For Eclipse users, we have used the Mylyn task-focused interface to deliver SpiraPlan information directly into the Mylyn task repository so that using SpiraTeam is as familiar as any other part of the Eclipse environment.

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Mobile Responsive

SpiraPlan has full support for all mobile and desktop devices with its 100% responsive web interface. SpiraPlan supports all the modern devices and platforms, including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Linux, MacOS and Windows.

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Evaluation Guides Features

Feature Checklist

Review the complete feature list that shows you why SpiraPlan is your best choice for agile project management.

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What is Task Management Software?

Task management is the process of managing a task through its lifecycle. It involves the planning, estimation and scheduling of the task as well as the ability to track dependencies and milestones. This section explains what task management is, and what features you should look for in a task management tool.

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