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Experience The Inflectra Difference

At Inflectra, we are fully committed to provide our customers with the very best products and customer service. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure that each customer is satisfied with our software testing and project management solutions. We have the experience and the reputation in the field to deliver the products customers need to expedite their projects and assure quality every step of the way.

In addition to offering the best programs for the management of your software testing and development life cycle, we also stand behind our work. We offer a 30-day, unconditional money back guarantee on all of our products. Our customers choose us because:

  1. Exceptional Support – Our expert support staff are available all the time (24 hours a day) to help customers with any questions or concerns. We want our software to deliver the most value with zero hassle. That’s why we insist on being available to assist when the need arises. Unlike many other companies, our support personnel work right alongside our developers so that you get a knowledgable person from your first interaction. No outsourced call centers!
  2. Quality and Ease of Use – We believe in combining both a rich feature set and easy usability in our products. We want you to spend more time using our products and delivering value and less time configuring them and administering them them. You won't find requirements management, software testing and help desk software with a lower total cost of ownership anywhere.
  3. Easy to Try and License - We believe that the user experience is paramount. From your initial experience of signing up for a trial version, using our products for the first time and mastering their features, you will find that we have made the process straightforward and simple. In addition, we have thrown out the rule book and made our pricing and licensing straightforward and transparent, with concurrent licenses.

Don't Take Our Word for It!

Info-Tech, a leading software research organization ranked Inflectra with the highest score in the industry for likeliness to recommend out of the top 35 players in our industry.

SpiraTeam ranked Leader in InfoTech ALM Data Quadrant

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10 Reasons To Be Our Customer

There are lots of companies selling quality assurance and project management software that want your business. We want to earn your business, and believe that the following reasons illustrate why you should choose us:

  1. End-to-End Software Development Support:

    Inflectra offers a cohesive suite of tools for developers, testers, designers, and project managers everywhere, supporting each member of the team with solutions designed to meet the individual needs of their respective roles.
  2. Bringing Harmony to Teams:

    For teams, Inflectra offers a one-stop, turnkey solution to manage every step of the application lifecycle, with seamless integrations, easily accessible audit trails, and built-in instant messaging capabilities for easy, in-application communication. It’s no wonder that InfoTech, a leading software research organization, gave Inflectra the highest possible score for “likeliness to recommend” from the top 35 industry players.
  3. Robust Tools that Are Simple to Use:

    With a commitment to quality engineering embedded in the company’s DNA, the result are tools that do what users need them to do, with an elegant simplicity that stands in surprising contrast to their robust functionality and wealth of features. What’s more, the company uses a concurrent pricing model for all its tools, with unlimited products, projects, sprints, tests, and API calls included in a single price.
  4. Built for Users, Not Wall Street:

    Inflectra’s suite of tools was created with users in mind, and because the company has never accepted any outside investment, its products are influenced by users’ needs, not those of investors. Private ownership also allows the company to make good on their promise to offer legendary support long after a sale has closed. And, because they’re in it for the long haul, they are constantly reinvesting in their products to make them better and easier to use.
  5. A People-First Culture:

    Since the company’s inception in 2006, not a single staff member has resigned, a testament to the company’s commitment to putting people first everywhere—within its ranks, customers and potential partners. In fact, the company makes it a point to lead by example. Everyone works together to solve problems without concern for who gets the credit because they understand that success happens as a team or not at all.
  6. An Origin Story that Speaks to Its Value:

    The company’s founder, created Inflectra in 2006 to compete with a major player’s software development tool. After that competitor sold its tool to a large corporation, guess where it turned? To Inflectra, to help its software teams excel. Today, the company, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C., has offices in more than 10 countries, a testament to its value proposition.
  7. Legendary Customer Service:

    Flexible licensing, unlimited storage, and dashboards that provide holistic overviews are just the beginning of the value proposition with Inflectra. Customers often become brand evangelists—for good reason. From a sales process designed to help prospects get exactly what they need with a try-before-you-buy approach to a painless onboarding experience and easy access to support, the company places a heavy emphasis on delivering legendary customer service. What’s more, customer feedback is not only welcomed, but is immediately put to use to ensure Inflectra’s products are constantly improving.
  8. Made to Go Where Others Won’t:

    Inflecta’s suite of tools was designed with heavily regulated industries in mind, including healthcare, banking, aviation, and defense. When data safety and security are a top priority, Inflectra delivers, with unparalleled data sovereignty and secure hosting capabilities. The company’s methodology-agnostic tools offer uncommon support for companies with stringent traceability, portfolio management and enterprise risk analysis requirements, allowing users to identify, analyze, treat, and monitor risks and offering support for risks, mitigations, tasks and risk cubes.
  9. Cloud-Able, Not Bound:

    As more companies move their software development operations to the Cloud, Inflectra offers the ability to run its tools from the cloud. However, that’s just an option—not a requirement—extending flexibility to teams to use the tool however it works within their pre-established perimeters, whether that is cloud or on-premise.
  10. Turning Innovation into a Team Sport:

    A growth mindset is baked into the company’s core. Inflectra hosts InflectraCON, a two-day, multi-track conference celebrating all things software, during which developers, designers, testers, and project managers come together to celebrate their wins, learn from each other and innovate. In Spring 2022, the company announced the launch of Inflectra Campus, a virtual learning and certification platform to provide on-demand training to every role involved in the software lifecycle.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied with our products that we offer a 30-day*, unconditional, money back guarantee!

What guarantee does Inflectra offer?

Of course, like any good software company, we offer a standard money back guarantee. Better than that, though, let us know why you want to return the application, and we will do whatever we can to fix the problem. We understand that you have tight timelines, and once you have selected a product, the last thing you want to do is return it and start over again.

How is Inflectra's guarantee better than other guarantees?

We are willing to do whatever it takes to make your experience with our software a success. Is the application missing functionality that you desperately need? Let us know, and we may be able to build the functionality into a new release and issue it to you within days. Are you having trouble installing the application? Send us an email, and one of our expert developers will gladly assist you, and even call you, if necessary. Did you find a bug? Tell us about it, and we will fix it for you as soon as possible. Any other problems? We're eager to help with that, too!

Is there any risk if I buy the application today?

No! We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied with our applications that we are happy to offer this 30-day money back guarantee. With an unconditional, money back guarantee, you can install and demo the application on your own server at no risk! And with our offer to even enhance the application for you, buying an application from us could be as good as hiring your own custom contractor for the price of a single application.

* The money back guarantee is valid for 30 calendar days from date of purchase of a commercial version, or for 30 calendar days from the download of a trial version.


Please contact our sales team if you have any questions about our products, or the Inflectra guarantee.