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Inflectra’s Global Technology Initiative aims to build skills and empower teachers, students, and communities worldwide.

C for Careers



If you want to become part of the Inflectra team, see if we'd be a good fit.

S for Sponsorships



We support tech Meet-Ups about software testing, test automation, agile software development and agile management space.

Working At Inflectra


Washington DC

We have offices in a number of countries. Our headquarters is in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside Washington D.C. in the United States.



Everyone (full or part time) gets great health insurance, matched retirement plans, and generous vacation days.


Work standard hours and work flexibly: take family or personal time as needed. No all nighters, no missing school recitals.


We make long term commitments to our employees and make sure you will be happy here for the long haul.


Lots of space to try out new ideas, learn new skills, work on different projects.


We work closely together to make great products and help our customers. No red tape, no pointless meetings, lots of celebrating success.


We love our craft, making our tools the best they can be - for ourselves and our customers, not for investors.

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Current Vacancies

B2B Pre-Sales Representative for EMEA (UK/Ireland)

We are looking to hire a B2B Pre-Sales Represenative for Europe, Middle-East & Africa (EMEA). This person would lead pre-sales engagements in EMEA and work closely with the Sales, Partnerships, and Business Development Teams at Inflectra to assess, pursue, and successfully close sales engagement opportunities. This role is based in UK/Ireland, and is 100% remote. Find Out More Information

Internship Program

Our interns are from the Washington, DC area and are looking to switch career to software development. They work on real software problems, for real customers, alongside our teams as peers.

Projects that interns have completed include: addons in the Google Docs Store; extensions for Office 365; a Jira plugin; CRUD sites built in new web technologies.

We support our interns in taking the next step to working in the software industry. Our internships are focused on interns' education and are therefore unpaid.

We want to make the process of getting an internship transparent and straightforward, while also making sure every intern is ready to succeed with us.

What this means you are actively looking to switch career into the software industry, for example as a software developer; and you have a solid beginner's knowledge of coding (eg javascript, html, and css).

We think freeCodeCamp's online course is an amazing way to learn about web development and coding, and we use its syllabus to set our criteria:

See if you meet our entry criteria below:

  • You live in commuting distance to Silver Spring, MD
  • You can work from our headquarters office at least part of the week for two months
  • You are passionate about learning and improving your coding skills
  • You have completed the freeCodeCamp course up to and including the intermediate front end projects
  • You can share your freeCodeCamp projects
  • You can apply what you have learned on freeCodeCamp to basic problem solving

Answered yes to all the above? Contact us and we'll put you in touch with the program coordinator.

Meet-Up Sponsorship


Conceived as part of Inflectra Gives Back Campaign in 2017, the goal of Meet-Up Sponsorship Program is to nurture, grow and transfer skills and knowledge to the communities of tech practitioners around us. We support software testing and agile software development enthusiasts by offering a monthly sponsorship to Meet-ups that serve their needs.

We offer support in covering costs associated with running of a meet-up group. This includes $150 budget for food and drinks per event - for up to two events per month. We can also provide Inflectra promo materials for attendees, as well as 15% off promotion codes for all Inflectra software tools.

Selection Criteria

  • You are an established Meet-up group with a publicly accessible event page
  • You host free events focused on software testing, software development, test automation or agile management
  • Your meetup group has 70+ members
  • Your meetup helps technologists network, learn and socialize

Answered yes to all the above? Contact us and we'll put you in touch with the program coordinator.