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Influence of AI and ML Technologies - Expert Panel Series

June 29, 2023

2023 just started, but the latest version of Open AI’s chatGPT is already disrupting industries. Transformation is taking place in sectors across the globe, promising businesses assistance in driving efficiency in operations, developing more personalized customer experiences, and gaining actionable insights from data. The use of AI and ML is exploding in every industry - from finance and healthcare to logistics and hospitality. With new, disruptive technology come challenges in compliance and risk considerations as industries grapple with the actual and potential impact. On the other end of the spectrum, policymakers and regulators scramble to catch up with disruptors and implement mitigation strategies through targeted public policies.

This webinar series will focus on the effects of AI and ML technologies as drivers of organizational change and government policy responses.


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Inflectra Partner Tour 2023: Western Europe

June 5, 2023

The Inflectra Partner Team is on the road again this week, this time to visit partners, friends, and partners-to-be in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Inflectra's Partnership team, including the CEO and Head of Global Alliances will kick off the Partner Tour 2023 in Zurich and wrap it up in Mannheim, Germany.


Read on to take a look into the full agenda, including the places and teams we'll be visiting.

Are you looking to supercharge your business and unlock new partnership opportunities? Explore the Inflectra Partner Program today.

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Inflectra in the News - May 2023 News Roundup

June 1, 2023

Inflectra has experienced a period of productivity and growth in May 2023. Our team has been dedicated to discovering innovative methods to enhance our products, and make preparations for an array of conferences we are sponsoring. Alongside our regular operations, we have been developing new partnerships and eagerly preparing to showcase the most up-to-date version of our products.


Additionally, our CEO, Adam Sandman, has participated in various public events that we are excited to share with our followers. Continue reading to view his most recent and insightful publications.

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Inflectra Releases Partner Program Improvements

May 26, 2023

In September, 2021, we announced a new Partnership structure centered on the premise of collaboration and mutual success. Between then and now, we have been able to forge new and exciting partnership relations and strengthen existing ones. Along the way, we’ve been taking note of what is working for our partner ecosystem, what is not, and what can be improved. 

We are excited to announce improvements for our Partner Program, including new incentives, benefits, training tracks, and a more flexible model of engagement. These new changes seek to support our wide variety of partners who have different needs, expertise, and skill sets by offering them more in-depth learning opportunities and a more customizable, sustainable way to stay engaged with Inflectra. The underlying goal is to provide unprecedented support and enablement for our partners that will lead to long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

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Webinar Recap: SpiraTeam for QA Excellence with Adam Sandman

May 25, 2023

On May 24, 2023, CEO Adam Sandman hosted a live course on How to Leverage SpiraTeam for QA Excellence that concluded with a live Q&A session.

Quality assurance (QA) holds utmost importance in software development to guarantee products adhere to paramount levels of functionality and reliability. In order to attain a high level of QA, companies need to implement efficient tools and methodologies to enhance their testing process. In this recap blog, discover how to utilize SpiraTeam effectively to optimize QA excellence, enabling teams to deliver exceptional software solutions.


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