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Inflectra Supports ISTC 2022 Testing Competition

July 5, 2022

Inflectra is once again excited to support this year’s Israeli Software Testing Cup! Sponsors every year since 2017, we’re happy to continue to support the Israeli testing community through this competition. Inflectra is making its award-winning test management solution - SpiraTest available to the teams, judges, and organizers to run the competition.

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Recap: Swiss Testing Day in Zürich, Switzerland

June 30, 2022

On June 21, 2022, #teamInflectra attended the Swiss Testing Day conference in Zürich, Switzerland, in collaboration with Itecor, our Gold Solution Partner. Since 2005, Swiss Testing Day has brought together software testers of all shapes and sizes as well as QA professionals, developers, project managers, and anyone who advocates for a smoother software development cycle

Unlike past Swiss Testing Days, Inflectra did not go solo in 2022. And the result was better than expected. Read all about it below!

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Who Does Nathan Latka Call "The Real Unicorn" And Why?

June 29, 2022

A few weeks ago, Inflectra’s CEO - Adam Sandman, was invited for an Interview with Nathan Latka - a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of FounderPath. Unlike what you’d expect from an interview with a tech company founder - i.e., a pre-cleared set of interview questions - the two launched into an honest discussion in less than 30 seconds after meeting each other for the first time. The result is a candid view of Inflectra, its business model, company culture, profits, business practices, and its founder - Adam Sandman - aka - “The Real Unicorn.”

Find out how & why Adam got this nickname in a short (admittedly, very fast-paced) conversation below!

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InflectraCON 2022 - Major Take Aways

June 27, 2022

InflectraCon 2022 - Inflectra’s Global Agile, DevOps & Testing conference took place this year on May 5-6th in Washington, DC, the home of Inflectra headquarters. This year’s event featured Spira training, four great keynotes, two full, substantive conference tracks with speakers from around the world, and a Partner Summit. 

Thanks to everyone who attended InflectraCon 2022! In this article, we'd like to recap some of the major themes and key takeaways that we all learned from the event.



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Series of Conversations On Risk and Risk Management - The Expert Panel

June 24, 2022

Inflectra has launched a series of conversations about Risk Management. In the four virtual events, a panel of expert speakers will highlight lessons learned and best practices in risk prevention, mitigation, and management. This series will cover business, security, operational and technical risks. A particular emphasis will be on addressing risk in regulated industries that work with mission- and safety-critical applications. 

Starting on July 14, 2022, the series will cover four topics:

  1. Current Issues in Risk Management
  2. Security as Risk
  3. Implementing FMEA in the Age of IoT
  4. Embedding GAMP Compliance into Digital Health Software

Series details are enclosed.

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