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Why Customer Service is An Investment Not A Cost!

Companies often see customer support as solely an expense to be endured and ideally minimized. However at Inflectra we have always seen great customer service as a competitive advantage and an asset on our balance sheet. This was recently brought home to us by two separate customer experiences.

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Keeping the Foundations Strong - Why Refactoring Is Crucial

One of the challenges with development is that users only see the outside of the system, the user interface, perhaps the APIs if they are more technical and unless the system has a problem, the architecture and internals are largely ignored... so how do you get customers to invest in the architecture for the future when they see no immediate benefit.

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refactoring architecture

And Then There Was One - Micro Focus Acquires HPE Software Assets

When we first started the company, back in 2006 we had many legacy competitors offering integrated requirements, test and defect tracking systems. However as the years have rolled on and with the rise of more nimble competitors, it seems that they have been gobbled up, most recently HP ALM by Micro Focus!

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Enterprise Lifecycle Management - From ALM to ELM

The disciplines of PLM and ALM are increasingly entwined together with the rise of smart consumer devices as well as Internet-enabled industrial systems. Managers need to be able to plan their entire lifecycle, both products and applications. We see a convergence into “Enterprise Lifecycle Management” or ELM in the same way that Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Accounting converged into ERP.

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Session Based Testing with SpiraTest (Part 2)

In the first article in this two-part series we discussed some of the reasons why it might not be desirable to spent the time to write formal test cases. Now this might seem like heresy for a company that sells a test management system to even say this! However to recap from last time, there are some good reasons:

  1. We have experienced testers who know the application and don't need to follow detailed test scripts
  2. We have inherited a large system with no formal test cases and we need to understand where the risks lie
  3. We want to spend more time testing the system and less time documenting it.

Please read last week's post if you want to get more backrgound on these!

Now in this week's article we're going to describing the Session-based Testing approach we took when testing SpiraTeam 5.0.

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exploratory testing session based testing testing methodologies

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