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Featured Videos

Here are some videos from Inflectra and our strategic partners that we think you will find useful:

Getting Started With SpiraTest

In this series we explain how to find your way round SpiraTest, based on the Quick Start Guide, with tips along the way.

Getting Started With SpiraTeam

In this series we explain how to find your way round SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam, with tips and tricks along the way.

Getting Started with Rapise

In this series introduce Rapise, our automated testing tool. We show you how to create your first tests for different platforms using Rapise.

Getting Started With KronoDesk

In this series, we explore how to get to grips with KronoDesk, Inflectra's helpdesk tool that you and your customers will love.

Inflectra Webinars

This playlist contains a compilation of the Inflectra webinar series, covering all our products (SpiraTest, SpiraPlan, SpiraTeam, Rapise and KronoDesk).

Conferences and Meetups

This playlist contains videos made during Inflectra conferences, user conventions and meetups around the world.

Using Spira with JIRA Webinar

This webinar demonstrates how you can use SpiraTest and/or SpiraTeam with JIRA for bug-tracking and agile project management. It shows the configuration steps and includes some questions from the attendees.

Using SpiraTest with NeoLoad

This webinar demonstrates how to configure SpiraTest (our test management system) with RemoteLaunch to execute performance tests using NeoLoad (from Neotys) and have the results come back into SpiraTest with integrated SLA tracking and reporting.