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Please find below our complete list of documentation for KronoDesk®. To view a document, click on the link.

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Format Description

KronoDesk Product Datasheet
Provides a high level overview of the system's functionality, together with a list of the key benefits and features.

We recommend you read this before the user guide and administrative guide to understand the full power of KronoDesk®.

Learn how you can improve your customer support using the integrated help desk, online knowledge base and customer support forums.

KronoDesk Overview Presentation
Provides a high level overview of the system's functionality, a list of the key benefits and features as well as description of the typical process you should use when using KronoDesk for the first time.
KronoDesk Documentation Site
This is the home page of the core KronoDesk documentation website. All of the other documents listed below are now hosted on this website as specific sections.
KronoDesk Quick Start Guide
Introductory guide that walks you through how to start using the system. It describes how to view the knowledge base and forums as well as submit and respond to help desk tickets.
KronoDesk User Manual
Contains detailed information on all aspects of using the software. This document is intended for all users of the software.
KronoDesk Administration and Installation Guide
Contains detailed instructions for easily installing the software as well as an authoritative reference for administering the system once up and running.
KronoDesk v3.0 Release Notes
This outlines what issues have been addressed in v3.0, and what new features have been added. It also includes download instructions.
KronoDesk Feature Comparison
Looking to compare KronoDesk's features with other products on the market? This document compares the features in KronoDesk with many other popular customer support and help desk ticketing solutions.
KronoDesk Email Integration Guide
This guide outlines how to use KronoDesk in conjunction with your existing email system to scan inbound support emails and either log new help desk tickets in the system or add notes/comments to existing help desk tickets.
KronoDesk Migration and Integration Guide
This guide describes how to import and export data from a variety of systems into KronoDesk. The systems currently supported include: Microsoft Excel 2010+.
KronoDesk API Documentation
This displays the online Application Programming Interface (API) documentation that describes the different REST and SOAP Web Service functions that are available for use in integrating KronoDesk with other systems.

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