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Here is a selection of recent testimonials from our customers

Solid Helpdesk Software

It provides all the functionality that is needed to run a helpdesk off of and for the tracking, assigning, and communication of problems for customers. It also provides forums and a knowledge base so customers may browse similar or the same problem and find a solution before the helpdesk is required.

Eric Bailey - Strategic Manufacturing Solutions.

Serves the Customers Well

The best part about KronoDesk is its helpdesk ticketing which agents can check and serve the customers well. Moreover, I find that their customer support forums helps users to check and learn the other features of KronoDesk that will increase their knowledge and understanding about the software platform.

Eunice Joy T.

Smart, Easy to Use

The Spirateam and Kronodesk part of Inflectra have been incredibly important in our website development efforts. The interface is smart, easy to use and actually enjoyable to work with. The automated tests also ensure that everything runs smoothly as it should and is a big help, especially when making minor adjustments. Awesome service from a company that cares.

Joe Gresham from The Luxury Vault

It Really Fits Our Needs

I would love using KronoDesk, because it really fits our needs and I am very happy with the support I got so far. We are also using SpiraTeam, and the integration is a real plus.

European Healthcare IT Company