Test Automation Technologies Supported

Rapise Features Platforms Supported

Rapise is a powerful test automation system that can be used to test a wide variety of different platforms, Windows, Web, Java, Flex, Qt, Mobile with support for many different third-party component libraries:

Desktop Features


Rapise provides comprehensive support for testing Microsoft Windows GUI applications, including applications written using Win32, MFC, ATL, Windows Forms, Visual Basic 6, Microsoft .NET, ActiveX, Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

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Rapise supports the testing of Java applications using a variety of different GUI toolkits including the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), Swing (Java Foundation Classes), and the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT). For maximum flexibility, Rapise can connect to your choice of JVM.

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Microsoft Dynamics

When you need your Microsoft Dynamics implementation tested and validated, we have you covered! Rapise includes include out of the box support for testing Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, and Dynamics 365.

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Qt Framework

Rapise supports the testing of applications written in the cross-platform Qt Framework. Rapise can test applications using a wide variety of different Qt widgets, making it an ideal choice for testing Qt applications.

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Third Party Components

In addition to the default GUI widgets that come with these platforms, Rapise has support for various third-party component libraries including those from Telerik, Infragistics, DevExpress, ComponentOne and Syncfusion.

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Mobile Features

Apple iOS

Rapise lets you record and play automated tests on real iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) as well as test applications using the iOS simulator that ships with XCode. No jailbreaking needed! With Rapise you can record on one device and playback on multiple.

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Rapise lets you record and play automated tests on real Android devices (e.g. Nexus, Galaxy) as well as test applications using the Android simulator. With Rapise you have the powerful interactive Object Spy that makes it easy to record on one device and playback on multiple.

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Web Features


Testing web applications is a core strength of Rapise. With its object recognition technology, support for HTML5 controls and DOM abstraction layer is makes developing reusable tests for browser applications very easy. For more advanced testing you can access the native browser DOM.

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Ajax Libraries

Ajax is a group of interrelated web development technologies (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) used to create interactive web applications. Rapise has powerful support for testing Ajax web applications, with support for serveral popular Javascript client-side libraries as well as direct support for the underlying technologies - Javascript and JSON.

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Web Services

A web service is a unit of managed code that can be remotely invoked using web protocols. This allows you to share your application’s functionality with other programs. Rapise provides native support for testing web services. Web service tests can be integrated with user interface tests for complete coverage.

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Silverlight is a framework for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using a subset of the .NET Framework that is distributed as a browser plugin. Rapise provides support for testing Silverlight applications.

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Java Applets

Rapise supports the testing of Java applets running inside web pages and web applications. Rapise can be used to test applets built with either the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) or Swing graphic user interface toolkit. For maximum flexibility, Rapise can connect to your choice of JVM.

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