Case Studies
Using Inflectra

Learn how different organizations have benefited from using Inflectra products

Generali Insurance

Generali Insurance Achieves Real-Time Quality Visibility with SpiraTeam from Inflectra

Generali Insurance was looking to streamline and simplify their test management processes as well as get a holistic view of the status of their different projects. They were looking to reduce the number of tools and adopt agile methodologies and practices. SpiraTeam has provided Generali with a common understanding of test and QA processes across the organization and enabled real-time visibility of the test coverage of all their requirements spanning multiple projects and programs.

Adventist Health System

SpiraTeam implemented to streamline QA processes and improve statutory reporting

Adventist Healthcare System was faced with maintaining an obsolete set of QA and project management tools. They chose to migrate to Inflectra’s SpiraTeam platform to centralize their QA and testing processes as well as improve their project tracking and management. The adoption of SpiraTeam has yielded many benefits, including a way to automatically generate their required metrics and reports, and the ability to respond to audit inquires 95% faster than before.

Oney Bank (FR | EN)

Oney Bank Improved Productivity of Managing Projects & QA Using SpiraTest from Inflectra

Oney Bank was managing their QA and project management on a suite of outdated tools. After thorough research, they elected to migrate to Inflectra’s SpiraTest platform to modernize their front office and back office QA systems. Using SpiraTest, Oney Bank is managing requirements, test cases, and defects in customizable and scalable workflows all in one tool.


Protech Automated Their Regression Testing using Rapise and SpiraTest from Inflectra

Protech was looking to automate much of their regression testing and integrate these tests with a test management system. The company needed a solution that would quickly and simultaneously test updates to its multitude of systems to ensure smooth functionality while managing requirements, test cases and defects. Manual testing lacked efficiency and was impractical for anything more than critical systems testing. Rapise and SpiraTest allow the Protech team to automate regression testing and improve QA.

RMIT University

Educating the Next Generation of Software Testers and Engineers at RMIT University

RMIT replaced the use of their legacy IBM Rational Test Suite with a tool that was cloud-based and easier to use and administer. SpiraTeam provided them with an online test management solution that would integrate with the other testing tools used for teaching.

Transportation Information Systems

Transportation Systems Company Streamlines their Lifecycle Management with SpiraTeam

The customer was faced with the challenge of maintaining a hereogeneous mix of different ALM tools whilst trying to improve their testing processes. The adoption of SpiraTeam as their quality assurance tool of choice allowed them to centralize and streamline their testing processes and reduce their testing time by 25%.

Large Canadian Energy Company

Canadian Energy Utility Standardizes and Optimizes Quality Assurance with Inflectra

This large energy utility was faced with an ever-increasing number of new and updated applications to test. They didn’t have enough time to test everything being released. The adoption of SpiraTest let them standardize and streamline their testing process to handle the workflow. Once SpiraTest was in place, the company implemented Rapise for test automation of their longer-term systems to increase efficiency.

Major U.S. Defense Contractor

Major Defense Contractor Revolutionizes Testing Productivity with SpiraTest from Inflectra

The customer was looking for a way to have a centralized repository for managing the requirements and testing activities for their mission system programs. They were able to replace their previous manual methods using a combination of tools from Inflectra and plugins they developed in-house to give them a world-class automation facility that is now being used by other programs and customers.

QoT Graduate Program

Developing the Future of Quality Engineering in South Africa with The QoT Quality Engineering Graduate Program

The objective of the program was to equip graduates with a full end-to- end understanding of the new Development Lifecycle, giving graduates practical experience of quality and how it is an integral part of software development, from initiation to deployment and beyond.

Natural Gas Utility

Natural Gas Utility Adopts Modern Test Management with SpiraTeam from Inflectra

The large German Natural Gas Utility had no test management tool for most projects. After using HP-ALM on one project, they instead decided to use Inflectra products. The deciding factors were: reliability, the ability to self- configure the system, and the value for money of the products.