Customer Testimonials Rapise

Here is a selection of recent testimonials from our customers:

The Inflectra team treated us as partners and clearly went the extra mile

I am writing to let you know that the Inflectra Rapise test automation demo to our management went VERY well. We received some really great feedback from the management team, they were very pleased with what they saw.

I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the level of effort that Inflectra put into customizing a training plan for our organization, adding additional sessions when we needed them, keeping us on task for the training exercises and following up with additional sessions when we got stuck after the formal training had ended. I found the session we had one day before our demo to be particularly useful. The Inflectra team treated us as partners in this project and clearly went the extra mile in helping make our training and upcoming projects a success – Thank You!!!

We had a great set of tests running in MS Dynamics CRM that among other things, created two contacts, two accounts, misc. setup such as Tax Rates etc., then created a Product for a Product Sales Transaction. After purchasing the product and verifying all totals on the invoice, the test then deleted the Invoice Detail and invoice Header, deleted the Product, deleted the tax rate etc., and then deleted the 2 Accounts and Contacts. When the script was done it could have been run again without the need for any manual deletion of records. This was very cool and pretty much built the framework for how we will approach other Dynamics CRM modules.

We demoed a Rapise Visual Language (RVL) codeless test that we’re using as sort of a ‘Pretest Validation’ prior to running any of the main tests. This report showcased the clean reports where we are reading all configuration settings from our Main Configuration section and writing the values back to the report.

Based on our experience with Inflectra so far, the Protech QA team has been very happy with our experiences with Inflectra, Rapise / Spira, and the support team in particular. We had originally looked at using UFT / QTP because we had used it very successfully 8 to 10 years ago at Protech, back when it was in its prime. We are happy to have chosen the Rapise/Spira option instead, with all of the industry standard elements (Document Object Model, Xpath, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS). While QTP was comfortable and probably would have been easier to get started based on our previous experience with the product, I realize that it would have been a very shortsighted decision for Protech. Not to mention the tremendous price difference between QTP/Quality Center (very expensive) and Rapise/Spira, (literally a fraction of the cost).

Thanks for a job Well Done!

Mike Becker & QA Team - Protech Associates, Inc.

I Haven't Ever Worked With a Tool Company That Has Better Support

The support, I'm pretty sure I haven't ever worked with a tool company that has better support. A lot of support is via email and typically that ends up in a black hole, but not with Inflectra and that's not just for the Rapise tool but also for the SpiraTest tool. When I send an email to support, I am normally notified with some kind of a useful answer within two hours; and that doesn't fail. I am very impressed by that.

I've worked with a lot of other tool vendors where it's a lot more difficult to get answers in a timely fashion. That's one of the strengths of the Inflectra Company, I believe, is actually its support. It's just about second to none.

Walter Kelt - Mobile Heartbeat

Simplicity in comparison to Tosca

I made my first testcases and so far surprised by the simplicity in comparison to Tosca. I need some more days to get up and running with the tool and to see if I'm able to create the end2end testcases for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV based application.

Sander Treffers - Testconsultant OPEN

Great automating testing tool

Used this application while trying to select a tool for the department. Very friendly user interface, easy to learn. When used with SpiraTest you are able to playback tests or you can use their user interface, directly from the command-line.

The tool has been easy to learn and helped us to quickly make progress on automating our regression test cases

Nickesha M. - eGov Jamaica Limited

Very easy going test automation tool

Pros: data-driven testing; access to different databases; GUI and REST testing; easy to scedule test runs. Cons: There are no big cons. We just need to learn a little bit more js. The file explorer could be a little more optical, but everything is ok

Rose R. - Consultant

Supports Webframeworks

I feel it is key word and data-driven testing tool. It is more time efficient. Cross browser testing with IE, Firefox and Chrome. It supports web service testing. Supports for Web frameworks such as j Query, GWT etc. It is easy extensible using javascript.

Rose R. - Consultant

Rapise is quite easy to learn. It is infact quite easy to adapt. This tool helps us in making quick progress on automating our regression testing.

Swati I. - International Company

This is a powerful software test automation platform. Its open architecture provides unlimited flexibility to extend and customize automated testing to meet unique test needs. It has good support team who handholds us during crises.

Ram D. - House

Rapise test automation software has met all our needs for automating our regression test bed

It was very easy to learn and get started using the tool to automate our manual test cases. While there are still a few things that are not supported in Dynamics AX, the Inflectra support has been great in working with us to identify and add those features as needed.

We are currently using Rapise with SpiraTeam to automate our regression test bed for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP System. The customer support has been great in helping us to get started. The tool integrates well with SpiraTeam, so we can launch our tests and record results. The Rapise tool has been easy to learn and quick to make progress on automating our regression test bed. We are very happy with the tool and the support that we have received from Inflectra.

It is a high quality product at a great price.

Kevin D. - Kent Corporation

Nice Product-Good value for money

Good Product. Easy to integrate with Spira.

We have used rapise quite a while ago. The feature which I love is the easy integration with SpiraTeam as both the products come from the same company. The support was good and like the technicians were always ready to help us.

Ambrish D. - CRS

There is nothing that I have not been able to construct so far!

Rapise has the ability to initially record basic automation sequences and then generate code. The code can then be integrated with Java Script which makes the whole script extremely powerful. The learned objects can be overwritten with xpath specific values within the script providing the ability to construct dynamic object references.

Basically you can make your automated script as basic or as complicated as you like, there is nothing that I have not been able to construct so far! java script is a well documented language and information is widely available easily on the internet, should you have something specific that you need to do!

I have been testing new upgrades to existing eCommerce web sites. This has given me the opportunity to write single scripts that can easily be run in Chrome, IE, FireFox by simply selecting the required browser. We also host these web sites in four countries, therefore, I was able to use a spreadsheet containing country specific labels and use a simple variable in my script to select which country labels I would use.

Spira is easy to use and offers all the functionality that I have been used to. This product can run your Rapise automated scripts and will log and document the results etc in the same way as manual scripts are. I like ease of using this product and the considerable cost saving against using Quality center An addition to the comments above, the responses, help and support I have had from Inflectra have easily been the highest I have ever had.

Phil C. - Computacenter

"Impressed with just how simple the tool is ... all the functionality we need"

We have been using the Rapise automation tool for a few years now. I have been very impressed with just how simple the tool is to setup and record your automation scripts. As we have learned more about the tool we have found it to have all the functionality we need without all the complexity of many other tools out there. In the event we do have an issue its great to know we can rely on the trusted Inflectra customer support team that has always been awesome.

Dan Hauser - Sr. QA Analyst, RegEd

"Fast, easy, includes all technologies"

Because it is fast, easy, includes all technologies of web developments to generate automatic and editable scripts and perform its testing with clear and complete reports about the results of the test execution Automated cross-browser testing is very very effective in IE, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera The integration with Spira Team, Spira Plan and Spira Testing is very good too.

Raul Liberal

"Excellent Tool"

I have downloaded the trail version of the tool to do a POC for the application I am supporting and give a demo to the customer. The tool is very user friendly and has most of the features that I was looking for. I recommend this tool to anyone who wants to automate their scripts for Web applications and desktop applications (which I have tested and worked very well).

Pros: User friendly Very responsive Scripting is easy

Associate Manager - Testing (Information Technology and Services company, 10,001+ employees)

Excellent tool for Creating Automated Tests

"...We deployed SpiraTeam a year ago for its requirements management and test management capabilities. It is exactly what we needed for our QA/QC team. We have customized it to fit our needs using Custom Properties and Custom Lists, and have integrated it with JIRA which we use for bug tracking. The more we use it the more we like it.

We added Rapise about 6 months ago and it also has proven to be an excellent tool for creating automated tests. No one else offers this much functionality and flexibility for the price."

Kent Chambers from Open Roads Consulting

"Super reliable technical support and great features"

Inflectra's testing software has been an indisputable service to me. Super reliable technical support and great features that don't cost too much money, either. Highly recommended!

Yancey - QA Professional