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Article How to embed images into SpiraTeam artifact descriptions

by Adam S on Monday, January 28, 2013

When you need to embed an image inside the description of a requirement, test case, task, etc. you need to follow the process outlined in this article. With the release of SpiraTeam 4.0 you can then have these images appear in the PDF, HTML and MS-Word 2003 format reports.

1) First go to the Attachments tab of the artifact in question:

2) Now click on the option to Add New attachment. Choose the Screenshot option:

Paste in the appropriate screenshot

3) The attachments list will now include this screenshot as an attachment. Click on this link and copy down the URL from the browser. (e.g.

4) Now go back to the Description text box and click in the "Image" icon in the toolbar:

Enter in the URL for the attachment

5) You will now have the description with an embedded image:

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Last Updated: 1/28/2013
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