Processing registration emails may be tricky. In most cases web mail is used (like gmail, hotmail and so on). Accessing inbox means opening it in browser. This means both authentication and dealing with webmail UI. 

It is common (in DevOps world) that web UI often changes.  Sometimes daily. Also the task of checking email requires synchronization - registration email may arrive in seconds as well as in minutes.

Another specific task is to extract information from the email. It may be password or email confirmation link.

Painless Way

We propose more painless way that accessing an UI directly. Since we need to read mailbox, we can do it using IMAP protocol. So we implemented a simple util 'RapiseImapClient.exe'. 

Then we added a couple of functions to find new email with specific subject and then extract link containing some known part (like Then we navigate to it.


You may find more information on these functions and all supplementary files here: