Every test has WorkDir option

When you create a normal test (not a Sub-Test) then WorkDir is set to dot. It designates the root folder of the test.

When you create a sub-test - its WorkDir is set to point to the folder of the parent test:


When Rapise executes a test - it sets the working directory to the value of WorkDir option.

If in a test you use actions that require paths and provide relative path values then absolute paths are calculated using WorkDir.

To refer to working directory in a relative path either use . or %WORKDIR%. The following paths are equivalent


To get the value of the absolute path (for logging or reporting) use Global.GetFullPath


If in your test located in

c:\Users\squirrel\Documents\My Rapise Tests\ParentTest

you use path


it means

c:\Users\squirrel\Documents\My Rapise Tests\ParentTest\Data\Logins.xlsx

If you use same path in a sub-test  located in

c:\Users\squirrel\Documents\My Rapise Tests\ParentTest\SubTest

it will also be resolved to same absolute value

c:\Users\squirrel\Documents\My Rapise Tests\ParentTest\Data\Logins.xlsx