We always want to make things easy for our customers, and many of our recent customers have been looking to move to SpiraTest for their test management because they are excited about the new exploratory testing features, easy to use drag-and-drop user interface, integrated requirements management, and the powerful reporting and analytics. They are also concerned that their old legacy test management tool will no longer be supported or developed due to changes in company ownership So to augment our line up of migration tools that we already have for HP ALM, Microsoft Test Manager, Excel, Word and Google Sheets, we added a  new migration tool to streamline switching from TestRail to SpiraTest.

What is Migrated

The free Migration Tool for TestRail imports Milestones, Test Cases, Test Suites, Test Plans, Test Runs, and Test Results from Gurock TestRail into SpiraTest.

Since the terminology and project organization between TestRail and SpiraTest is a bit different, here's a quick guide to how the artifacts migrate over:

Test SuiteTest Case Folder
Test SectionTest Case Sub-Folder
Test CaseTest Case
Custom StepTest Step
Test PlanTest Set
Test Run & TestTest Run
Test ResultTest Run Step


If you have any questions about migrating from TestRail to SpiraTest, please contact us and we're here to answer your questions.