When you have an incident (or requirement) in Spira that has been logged and synchronized with Jira, it will display the ID of the equivalent item in Jira as the special Jira ID field (e.g. DEMO-46 in this example).

In addition, in the case of incidents, you may also have associations to the original requirement and test run that resulted in the defect being logged.

To make it easier to find in Jira, we also add a handy hyperlink (in the Attachments tab) to the equivalent item in Jira:

Similarly when you access the same in Jira, you would normally see the issue with the details, attachments and other information populated:

When you scroll down, you will see the hyperlinks back to the following:

  • Original incident or requirement in Spira
  • The test run, if the incident came from a Spira test execution
  • The requirements linked to the test case, if the incident came from a Spira test execution

Changes to the Jira User Interface

Atlassian recently released a new user interface (UI) for Jira that changes how the user stories and issues are displayed (for some users, there is an option to revert back to the previous view):

However this new view is currently missing the hyperlinks fields widget that was present in the older version.


The good news is that Atlassian has an open bug report for this issue. As of December 19th, 2019 they report that this feature will be restored to the new UI of Jira in the next couple of months, and in the meantime they will provide the option (illustrated above) to turn back on the old UI.