Normally when you have an instance of Spira, the IIS web server will generate a default URL for the SOAP API endpoints:

However if you have IIS hosting Spira behind a load balancer or other web appliance that changes the URL, IIS may not realize that the external URL is different. For example if you have an external redirect that maps the URL:

  • ---> http://doctor/SpiraTeam

then IIS will serve up the wrong location for the WSDL file.


We have a setting available in on-premise Spira instances (it's not needed for our cloud platform because the URLs will be always correct) to override the standard location.

If you open up the Spira web.config (normally located in C:\Program Files (x86)\SpiraTeam), you will see this setting:

			<setting name="WcfBaseUrl" serializeAs="String">

Change it to the desired base URL you want:

			<setting name="WcfBaseUrl" serializeAs="String">

then the system will override the standard IIS location.