TaraVault rests on top of a source code manager called ProjectLocker. To set up SSH you need to interact directly with the ProjectLocker site. You use your TaraVault credentials on this site.

  1. Generate a git SSH key on your local machine using your TaraVault email address
  2. Go to https://portal.projectlocker.com/
  3. Enter your TaraVault username (email address) and password to login
  4. This will load the dashboard. From the navigation at the top click on your name at the top right to open the dropdown and click "My Profile"
  5. On the My Profile page click "Public Keys" from the sidebar on the left
  6. Click the "New Key" button
    1. Give it a meaningful name
    2. Enter your TaraVault email address as the username
    3. Paste in the SSH key from step 1
    4. Click "Save Public Key"
  7. You now have your SSH key for that machine stored against your TaraVault profile
  8. Next, you need to get the SSH URL for the repo / project in question
  9. Click on "Projects" from the top navigation bar of the ProjectLocker site
  10. Find the project you want to connect to over SSH, and click "Click to View"
  11. The popup will show the URLs to connect to the repo, including over SSH