In general, all three 'editions' of Spira:

  • SpiraTest
  • SpiraTeam
  • SpiraPlan

share the same database, codebase and architecture. The only different between the three editions is that some of the SpiraPlan features are disabled in SpiraTest and SpiraTeam. So when you upgrade from one edition to the next, all you are doing is enabling features that were previously disabled.

This means that:

  • The existing database of Spira products and all it's requirements, test-cases, test-sets, etc. will be transferred to SpiraTeam/SpiraPlan without losing any information.
  • The linkages between artifacts (test coverage, associations) are all fully maintained
  • So a typical use-case would be that after the update from one Spira edition to the next, you can immediately work with all the original data and afterwards start to explore the new functionalities step-by-step.

Spira Cloud Upgrades

When you upgrade Spira Cloud instances, Inflectra support personnel take care of the upgrade process and your instance will seamlessly switch from one edition to the next.

There will be a short (1-2 minute) outage while the edition switches over, and you may see a "Service Unavailable" message until that process is complete.

Spira On-Premise Upgrades

When you purchase an upgrade to a different edition of Spira, you will get a new license key.

You don't need to uninstall or install anything, simple go to Administration > License Details and enter the new license key and click Save. Once you do that, the edition is immediately changed, with no outage.