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If you have installed the MS-Office Add-In for SpiraTest, SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam and the necessary prerequisites (VSTO and the Primary Interop Assemblies if using the MS-Office 2003 Add-In) but it won't display the Add-In in your instance of MS-Excel, MS-Word or MS-Project, follow these instructions to help us troubleshoot.

Checking to see if Disabled

Sometimes Excel, Word or Project will disable an add-in if it takes a while to load, causing the Spira Add-In to be listed under the 'Disabled Items' in the Options > AddIns dialog box. To re-enable an item listed as disabled, click on the Manage [Disabled Items] option from the dropdown list and then click the [Go] button. Then selected the disabled item and choose [Enable]. You will need to restart the Office application for the change to take effect.

Enabling Advanced Logging

The 'VSTO_SUPPRESSDISPLAYALERTS' windows environment variable can be set for enabling detailed Excel/Word/Project and VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) error messages when loading VSTO add-ins.

Steps to set the VSTO_SUPPRESSDISPLAYALERTS variable

1. Close all Microsoft Office products


2. Select Computer Properties:

  • Clcik Windows Start
  • Right-click on Computer and select 'Properties'

3. Locate System Properties dialog by selecting 'Advanced System Setting'

4. Select environment variables

5. Select 'New' and enter 'VSTO_SUPPRESSDISPLAYALERTS' with a value of zero (0).

6. Click 'OK' and restart Microsoft Excel/Word/Project

7. Go to Options\AddIns in Excel/Word/Project and try and enable the Spira Addin. You should now get the full error of why the addin is not loading.

Send the full message to Inflectra support.

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