Created By  inflectra.adam Monday, November 3, 2014

After upgrading to Spira v4.2, if you get either of the following error messages:

  • 'Width' is not a member of type 'Inflectra.SpiraTest.DataModel.IncidentView'
  • 'DisplayMode' is not a member of type 'Inflectra.SpiraTest.DataModel.IncidentView'

Please follow the instructions in the article to solve the issue that happens when you try and use a saved filter that gives this issue.

If you get this error message, it was due to some bad data getting into the previous version(s) of the system that causes the issue. It can be fixed by running the following SQL command against the database:

WHERE ENTRY_KEY = 'DisplayMode' OR ENTRY_KEY = 'Width'

This should be pasted into a New Query window inside SQL Server Management Studio.

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