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Create a report of the number of Incidents and Requirements in past releases

Some customers may want to see the summary delivered outputs of their past releases. To do so, in this example, we create a custom report that shows a table of the total number of Incidents and requirements assigned to each past releases (releases with an end date in the past).

Report of Incidents Associated with Blocked Test Cases

One of our customers asked us how to extract the defects/incidents linked to the blocked test cases in a report. This article shows you how to do this using a simple custom report.

Writing a Custom Report to Display the Count of Incidents By Project and Priority

A customer of ours asked for a custom report / graph for displaying the count of incidents by project and by priority.

Report of Incidents by Program

A customer asked us if we could provide a report of all the incidents across all projects and programs. In SpiraPlan you already have a Program Incidents list page that shows this information.  However sometimes you want the information in a report format.

Report to identify number of days a defect is assigned to a person

A customer asked is how they could run a report on a daily basis to see for how long a defect has been assigned to someone and the audit log of the assignment changes. That is best done by using the History table and the main Incident table together in a custom report

Setting up Incident Workflow Transitions and Notifications

A workflow is a predefined sequence of incident statuses linked together by “workflow transitions”.  Incident statuses and workflow transitions are highly configurable. This article gives an overview of workflow transitions.

Custom Report that Displays Test Sets, Test Cases, Test Steps and Linked Incidents/Attachments

A customer asked us how you could create a custom report that shows the following information in a single table:

  • A list of test sets containing:
    • test cases
      • test steps
  • For each test step, the linked:
    • attachments
    • incidents
Creating a Report of Incidents' Reopen Count

One of the metrics that customers often find useful is the number of times that a specific incident has been reopened. We plan on adding some built-in dashboard widgets for this metric, but in the meantime, we have a custom report that you can use to report on this metric from Spira.

Creating a Report of Incidents' Aging

In Spira we have a nice incident aging graph that you can use to see the count of incidents per aging range. However sometimes customers are looking for more customizable reporting around incident aging data. This article provides some sample custom reports.

Fixing the database when you have incidents linked to values from other projects

The incidents in Spira are able to have customizable incident types, statuses, priorities and severities. This means that each project has unique IDs for the various attributes. Sometimes when you incorrectly load in data using our Excel Add-In, you can link incidents to attributes from other projects. This article describes the problem and the solution.

Getting 'X' is not a member of type 'Inflectra.SpiraTest.DataModel.IncidentView' after 4.2 upgrade

After upgrading to Spira v4.2, if you get either of the following error messages:

  • 'Width' is not a member of type 'Inflectra.SpiraTest.DataModel.IncidentView'
  • 'DisplayMode' is not a member of type 'Inflectra.SpiraTest.DataModel.IncidentView'

Please follow the instructions in the article to solve the issue that happens when you try and use a saved filter that gives this issue.