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Sample Custom Report - Release Notes

A customer posted a question about a sample custom report generated from Spira. In this example we show how we use the custom reporting tools in Spira to generate the release notes of another one of our products Rapise.

Pie Chart of Test Run by Status for Release

Sometimes customers need to show a Graph with all the Test Runs by status for a specific Release in Spira. This article explains how to use the custom graphing engine to achieve this.

When creating a release, an error states that the version number has already been used.

Sometimes, when you try to create a new release, a error message says that "You need to choose a Version Number that's not already been used." But you cannot find a release with that version number.

Releases and Iterations - What Rolls Up?

Customers sometimes contact us with questions about how the Releases and Iterations in Spira work, specifically what kinds of data (test status, task progress, etc.) roll up from an iteration to a minor release, and from a minor release to a  major release. Also they want to know whether iterations are included when you filter by release. This article provides some clarifications.

Sample Release Notes Custom Report

Customers sometimes ask us for a simple Release Notes report that can be used to display the list of new features and enhancements / fixed bugs in a specific release. We use a report like that ourselves to generate the Release Notes for our products (Rapise, SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, etc.). This article describes how you can create a similar report yourself

Useful constants when calling the Spira API
Sometimes when using our SOAP or REST APIs there are constants that are useful for some of the filters. In many cases they are included in the build-in API documentation, but sometimes they are not listed. This article details some of the release/requirement ones that may be useful: