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Useful Resources on the Web

This page contains a list of key pages that you may find useful to help you develop and manage your testing processes. In addition we have included some useful links related to Microsoft .NET and SQL Server that you will help you resolve issues hosting Microsoft web applications such as SpiraTest.

Display Report of Task, Incident, Test Case Effort by Person

In this article, we will create a custom report that displays a list of users in the system and the associated effort for tasks, incidents and test cases.

Creating a Report of User Activity and Effort

A customer asked us if we could provide a report of all the activity by users across all projects and programs. In the future we plan on having built in screens for resource managers to be able to see user activity across all projects without needing to run a report. However this report will give you the information in the meantime.

Resources for Learning JavaScript

One of the most popular programming languages in the world is JavaScript. Initially conceived by Netscape as a web page scripting language, christened JavaScript to leverage the popularity of Java (which was fairly new and sexy at the time) and now used for servers (NodeJS), desktop apps (ReactNative) and for us at Inflectra, the core technology at the heart of our Rapise test automation system. This article provides some useful resources for those first learning the language.