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How to emulate keyboard and mouse via Selenium API in Rapise

Though Rapise can execute it's native recorded tests via WebDriver - some users prefer to write their tests in pure Selenium API. In this post we describe how to perform complex mouse and keyboard sequences via Selenium API in Rapise tests.

How to work with Shadow DOM via Native Selenium API in Rapise

If your scripting is style is writing JavaScript and using Native Selenium API and you wish to dig inside Shadow DOM - read this short article. Requires Rapise 7.3+

How to manipulate browser cookies using Selenium API in Rapise

If you run Rapise tests via Selenium WeDriver you may need to manipulate browser cookies. Learn how from this post.

Running Selenium WebDriver Scripts using RemoteLaunch and JUnit
This article explains the process for running Selenium WebDriver test scripts written in Java using JUnit, RemoteLaunch and SpiraTest.