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Spotlight on KronoDesk 2.0: Mobile Responsive Design

As you may have read - we're happy to have released the much-awaited update to KronoDesk, our help desk system. In this blog series, we'll be taking a look at some of the awesome new features in the latest version. Second on the list is the work that was done to make the entire system mobile responsive.

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From Darkness to Light

The SpiraTeam development group has been working really hard on version 5. It will bring many great new features that our users have been requesting. We also get asked about refinements to the user experience. We have been equally busy carefully updating every screen, every button, and every field our customers will see and use in version 5.

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New Inflectra Website Coming this Weekend

Well, we've heard the feedback and this weekend we shall be launching an updated Inflectra website with a new fresh modern look that is easier to use, works across all devices and sets the foundation for other changes coming later this year.  (Read More)

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