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  • 10 Questions When Choosing A RM Tool MS-Word

    If you are looking for a requirements management tool, you probably don't need to be told how important requirements management is. There are a number of standard questions to be asked when selecting any software product for your organization. This whitepaper primarily addresses questions that are specifically applicable to choosing a requirements management tool.

  • Agile Product Management MS-Word

    The problem with any formal examination of Product Management is that it is probably the least well understood of all the software project development disciplines and varies greatly in definition and implementation from one organization to another. This whitepaper outlines the role of the product manager and discusses how the move to agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban have changed the nature of the role.

  • Agile Transformation Failure Due To Management Debt MS-Word

    Organizations are looking to adopt agile approaches and methodologies, to gain productivity and quality improvements. However, in many cases, such agile transformations seem to be doomed to failure before they begin. This whitepaper looks at one of the key causes of why agile transformations fail in many organizations.

  • Change And Configuration Management Of Requirements MS-Word

    The story of changing requirements is the story of how traceability makes everything more complicated. Keeping track of two items as they each change is difficult enough, but trying to keep track of them both and the relationship between them while they are changing independently from one another becomes something akin to herding cats. Never take lightly the importance of change management, versioning and baselining of requirements and traceability and never underestimate the difficulty of managing it all without the support of a software tool.

  • DC Library On Line Catalog Upgrade Failure MS-Word

    There are many possible root causes for serious IT project failure. This whitepaper considers one type of serious error: inadvertent data loss during a software or system upgrade. We shall do this by examining some of the possible flaws in a specific government IT project, and in doing so, remind ourselves of some fundamental lessons to be learned from project failure.

  • How To Choose A Test Management Tool MS-Word

    While it might seem that the most important consideration when choosing a test management software tool is the set of basic tool features supporting the test process itself, you should not neglect a wide range of other questions that could make or break your test management tool choice. This whitepaper identifies the key attributes you should look for in a test management solution.

  • Incorporating Automated And Manual Testing In An Effective Test Plan MS-Word

    The average test plan for a commercial grade application will have between 2,000 and 10,000 test cases. Your test team of five must manually execute and document results for between 400 and 2,000 test cases. And the scheduled release date of your product is fast approaching. No worries; clone your team and work around the clock. Or perhaps there's a better way...

  • Introduction To Agile Development Methods MS-Word

    With all the Agile methods out there, how does someone with traditional waterfall or v-model experience begin to understand each? Which methods are truly Agile and which are not? What are the defining characteristics of each Agile method, as well as those not quite so Agile? What are the benefits of using each Agile method and what are some of the drawbacks? This article attempts to answer these questions in a concise and simple way and offer a launch pad for those who would like to know more.

  • Principles Of Requirements Engineering MS-Word

    Requirements Engineering (RE) is often trivialized as an activity performed by well meaning analysts before they start doing the real work of specifying a product. In this paper we shall introduce, at the highest levels, the critical processes and procedures used when executing effective Requirements Engineering as part of an overall successful project.

  • Rapise Vs Selenium Comparison MS-Word

    When companies evaluate test automation tools for web testing they are often facing a similar question: What's the advantage of using Rapise instead of Selenium? Though the larger question is: Why should you pay for a commercial tool instead of using a free one? At first glance, both tools are facing the same challenges when automating a web application, but it is very important to understand further aspects when comparing both tools.

  • Scrum And Kanban Siblings Or Cousins MS-Word

    While there are multiple Agile software development methods, they have more in common with one another than they do the waterfall method, which they seek to replace. Two such methods are Scrum and Kanban which both further the trend away from large lifecycle projects and towards shorter, leaner development approaches. How do Scrum and Kanban differ from one another, and how do they both differ from traditional methods?

  • Spirateam HIPAA Compliance Checklist MS-Word

    If you are choosing an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution in the Healthcare industry, if you are a 'covered entity' an absolute requirement is to make sure the software you choose is HIPAA compliant. Read on to find out how SpiraTeam is HIPAA compliant and use this checklist as a guide to ensure that you have implement SpiraTeam in a HIPAA compliant manner.

  • Digital Assurance & Testing: Strategies, Challenges, & Outcomes Adobe Acrobat

    Digital Assurance concurrently holds all factors on the digital platform together and ensures performance in the virtual world. At the same time, Testing for new world technologies and platforms continues to take the testing fraternity to task! This white paper deliberates on the significance of Testing for Digital Assurance. It further dives deep to understand effective testing strategies, challenges and gauging its impact, with reference to consumer/user experience.

  • Whitepaper - Testing Lifecycle: Don't be a fool, use a proper tool! Adobe Acrobat

    The accompanying whitepaper for the presentation, given by our partner Ness Technologies at Testwarez 2009 in Krakow, Poland on how adopting testing tools and improving testing processes benefitted customers and improved Return on Investment (ROI) during existing project lifecycles. Includes information on how to use a test management system such as SpiraTest in conjunction with other automated testing tools such as Selenium.

  • Sample Document - This is a sample test plan created by one of our customers Adobe Acrobat

    One of our customers prepared this document to outline how SpiraTest/Team will be used in their environment to manage their testing activities during a major infrastructure relocation project. The document outlines the different testing activities and objectives that will be carried out and how they will be managed in SpiraTest/Team.

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