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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello everybody,

I am evaluating SpiraTest and using Jira 4.x as bug tracker. I can create Incidients in SpiraTest and after the synchronisation these incidients can be seen in Jira as bugs. If I set the status of this bugs to "resolved" in JIRA the synchronisation of these bugs fails, the status in SpiraTest is not changed.

In the event log of Windows I see the following error messages:

APPLICATION.Web.Services.v2_2.ImportExport::Incident_RetrieveById: Unable to locate requested incident
APPLICATION.Business.Incident::RetrieveById: Incident 65 doesn't exist in the system.

My Incidients have a ID of 67, 68 and 69 so an Incidient with 65 can surely not be found. If have deleted some Incidients in SpiraTest. Can these lead to this confusion and is there a way to get ahead?

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Friday, April 29, 2011
re: staudtst Friday, April 29, 2011

If you delete an item in SpiraTest that was previously synced with JIRA, that would cause this message. However that message is normal. If you deleted the mapping inside SpiraTest, it would cause the item in SpiraTest to be recreated from the one still in JIRA, so I'd leave alone if you truly want IN65 to be deleted.

Are there any other error messages that occur when you make a change to an item in JIRA? If not, can you try changing the Time Offset value from 0 hours to 8 hours and then restart the data synchronization service.

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