Bug Tracker Data-Sync Integration

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Discussions and questions regarding using the data-synchronization features of Spira to synchronize incidents with external bug-tracking systems (such as JIRA, Bugzilla,etc.)

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JIRA Data-Sync Issue
955 views 1 replies
Hello, I followed the documentation you put online about JiraDataSync, but there is still an issue in the synchronization. In SpiraTest, the status does not update and stays stuck on New. The onl…
Debugging a custom DataSyncService plugin
1261 views 2 replies
Hello, Were using your SDK template to build a Defect Sync plug-in for HP Quality Center. Since its a plugin running in a service, debugging presents some unique problems. Any suggestions on attac…
spira plugin for jenkins
4599 views 7 replies
I have a problem with the use of the spira plugin for jenkins. We have automated tests, running everyday in jenkins, now i need to get the results of those tests (result of the jobs in jenkins) int…
Datasynchronisation between SpiraTest and multiple instances of Jira
983 views 1 replies
Hello, is it possible to configure SpiraTest to sync between SpiraTest and multiple instances of Jira (for example www.jira1.com and www.jira2.com )? Best regards Stephan …
Data filtering for TFS
1141 views 1 replies
Hi, Were using Spira for our project with TFS 2012 plugin. The problem is, that we are using TFS for big amount of projects and I dont need to synchronize ALL the data. Is there any possibility to …
Synchronisation SpiraTest-Jira due to not well-formed XML
5755 views 1 replies
Hi, we have installed Jira (V5.2) and SpiraTest (V 3.2); I know - both tools should be upgraded, but that's not that problem now. When detecting an e rror the User creates an inciden…
Is there a way to do a transition for an incident in SpiraTeam over REST
3618 views 1 replies
After a new incident was created within SpiraTeam a third party tool has to tell SpiraTeam via REST to change the status within the defined workflow from new to e. g. in progress. I checked t…
About configuring for the integration between Spira Team and JIRA
10511 views 4 replies
Dear all, Could someone please have a look on my trouble and please have some advice? I am facing following issues: 1. I cannot get status ID of statuses on JIRA (I can get the others vi…
Instructions on what needs to be enabled in JIRA 6.3 for Spira Team data synchrionzation to work
10576 views 3 replies
Hello I have followed all the instructions in the integration guide on Spira Team - JIRA integration. Can you please provide some specific instructions on what specific settings …
Detected release version is mandatory in Spira Team
6441 views 1 replies
Hello I am using SpiraTeam with JIRA 6.3.15. I am noticing that "Detected Release" is a mandatory field for an incident in SpiraTeam v4.2.0.1 as a result of which JIRA isnt recogn…
Two-way data sync over REST
6187 views 1 replies
Hi We have just started using SpiraTest and we're trying to reduce any barriers to adoption by automating as much of the workflow as possible. One of our development suppliers uses their …
Spira Team integration with JetBrains Youtrack
4441 views 1 replies
We use Spira Team for logging defects/incidents and this is our internal tracking system. However, we are working with an external supplier on a development project and they use JetBrains YouTrack for…
Jenkins plug-in connection failure over https
4358 views 3 replies
Hi, I am trying to setup the connection from Jenkins to SpiraTeam using the Jenkins plug-in, but it fails to connect. The SpiraTeam server is using SSL, so I enter the web address using https:// /S…
Jira Synchronisation Issue
5127 views 2 replies
I have recently installed SpiraTest and have been working though the integration with our locally hosted Jira 4.x system. I have created two projects, one of which syncs fine, the other doesn't…
JIRA Greenhopper - Sprint value not passed to spiratest
4840 views 2 replies
Hi, Our spiratest is currently syncing with JIRA (cloud). One of the jira plugins we are using is Greenhopper which alows you to work 'Agile' (User stories, sprints, ...). We 've currently m…
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