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Discussions and questions around how you import data from other systems into Spira, including the Add-Ins for MS-Office and the import utlities for QualityCenter, RequisitePro, EnterpriseArchitect and Jama Contour

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Executing Excel Macro with Excel Add-on
4655 views 1 replies
Hi, I am trying to record and execute an Excel Macro in order to automatically export data to SpiraTest. However, when I record the Excel Macro, I don't see anything recorded regarding the Add-On. …
Error in Inflectra Mail Integration
4716 views 1 replies
Hi all, Some days ago, I configured Inflectra Mail Integration and it was working correctly. But now I get this error: Inflectra.KronoDesk.Service.Email.Service.PollThread::TimerEvent():…
Custom Values and Lookups cannot be Imported or Exported to Excel
1853 views 1 replies
I cannot Import/Export Custom Values or Lookups using the MS Excel add-in because neither appears in the artefact drop-down list. There doesn't seem to be much point in having these worksheet tem…
Export Word Doc Requirements to Spirateam - Into existing Project Hierarchy - Bespoke Position.
8217 views 1 replies
Hi. We have an existing Project that has been manually input. This has many existing requirements with some place holders for import of my requirements that exist in a MS Word document in sepa…
Export to Spira: "Custom Property" Testrun
8369 views 1 replies
I've a bundle of test cases always tested outside and reported with an Excel sheet. Every testrun should also fill out a custom property (multielect). How can I add this information to the Excel she…
Importer for VersionOne not able to connect to VersionOne but connecting to SpiraTest works just fine.
8510 views 1 replies
The data importer for SpiraTest from Version One keeps getting a connection error every time I connect to my version one instance. I am running Version One 14+ and SpiraTest 3.2 and the VersionOne D…
What format do oHow do you call another test
8703 views 2 replies
Hi, How do you format the excel sheet so that I can call other tests? Right now, after importing the tests, any existing linked tests have the Test Step Description = Call and Expected Results =…
xls addin not spirateam 4 compliant
5245 views 5 replies
Hi, it seems that the current office addin and xls template are not for spirateam 4 but only for 3. more specific, the multiselect custom fields are not supported at all. + can the add-in be improve…
import from QC: requirement tree
5300 views 5 replies
Hi, we intend to migrate from QC 10 to Spirateam. When importing a QC project into spirateam, the requirement tree is kind of messed up. QC contains following tree: Root - Folder A - Su…
HRESULT:0x800AC472 Error when trying to import/Export
5544 views 2 replies
Hey guys, has anyone else seen this: When trying to use the importer/exporter we will occasionally see the following error: “Error During Import/Export Exception from HRESULT:0x800AC472” …
No Carrage Returns and no Linefeeds were importet to Excel
4740 views 1 replies
Hi, We use the actual SpiraTest MS Office 2007/2010 Addin (v3.0.0) to import Test Cases from the SpiraTest System to MS Excel 2010. Unfortunately no Carrage …
Some issues from JIRA are not synchronized to SpiraTeam
4743 views 1 replies
Hi, I'm integrating SpiraTeam with our existing Jira installation (v5.1.6). Plugin used (Jira 4.x / 5.x) works as expected, however it does not synchronize some Issues (half of them), we currentl…
Importing from EA
5085 views 2 replies
Hello There are several items that would help make the Requirements import from EnterpriseArchitet (EA) into SpiraTest (ST) much more useful than it currently is. Grouping requirements und…
ImportExport Web Service: is there a RemoteComment for IN?
4899 views 4 replies
Hello, We would like to automaticaly import comments on IN, RQ or TK....but apparently there is no RemoteComment available for Incidents in the online documentation (…
MS WORD Add -on indent level 6?
5094 views 1 replies
Is it possible to define indent level 6? If not , what could be the work around? …
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