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General discussions surrounding the use of KronoDesk. This is an appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There is a separate forum for discussing best practices.

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KronoDesk v2.0 delayed?
7674 views 2 replies
Hi,I was wondering whether the release of KronoDesk v2.0 has been rescheduled as the schedule date (based on the 17/03/2015 Development Roadmap) of 28 May has come and gone. If so, what is the new s...
KronoDesk Feature Requests
7302 views 2 replies
Hi Inflectra,here are some feature requests we got from our KronoDesk users.Mail integrationWhen KronoDesk sends out emails informing users about ticket changes, the information provided in these ma...
Is it possible to change the 'owner' of a ticket?
7196 views 3 replies
Scenario:> Person A opens the ticket, is hereby made the 'owner' from a customer perspective and receives the email notifications and sees the ticket on his/her dashboard.> Person B is taking over t...
Event log warning "Thread xxx does not exist in the system"
7403 views 1 replies
Hi,I am wondering where the event is coming from. I deleted some threads in the forum, since they were tests only, but now I keep getting errors in the event log like this:In Inflectra.KronoDesk.Bus...
KronoDesk priority colors
7112 views 2 replies
Hi,I do not see a colored background for the ticket priority field in the ticket list, but I have no idea how I can fix this.When I look in the template CSS file, I see that there are lines for the ...
KronoDesk Spira integration
7167 views 1 replies
Hi,I have a question regarding the integration of KronoDesk with SpiraTeam:Is it possible to add custom fields to either SpiraTeam or KronoDesk for Ticket ID (TK#), KronoDesk Ticket Type for example...
KronoDesk - Hiding Forums
8058 views 2 replies
Hi GuysWe would like to just use the knowledge base internally and disable forums (for the interim). Could you please advise the best way to go about this.ThanksMelanie...
7626 views 3 replies
Hi Inflectra Team, Could you please confirm a couple of questions:1. How do we do reporting, similar to the reporting options in SpiraTest?2. Is there a way to customise the Email templates for '...
There was supposed to be a new version released towards the end of March, is it coming out, as it is unusable as is?
7701 views 2 replies
There was supposed to be a new version released towards the end of March, is it coming out, as it is unusable as is? ...
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