Running tests on remote machine and integration to devops

Thursday, March 7, 2019


I am looking for test automation solution to automate test cases based on Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. I would like to do a POC to evaluate Rapise against my project needs. Before i start building my POC, i would like to clarify on the below:

1. Does Rapise support test automation of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

2. Can Rapise be integrated into CI/CD pipeline.

3. Does Rapise come with an integration package/plugin for integration with Visual Studio

4. Can automated test cases of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 be run on remote desktops and remote VMs?

5.If the test cases can be run in remote desktops and VMs, do they need a live session until the test cases complete running? i.e, if i trigger the test from my local desktop, do the physical machine from where i trigger the tests and the remote desktop/VM where the tests are running needs to be logged in all the time while tests are running or the tests can run even if the local machine and remote machine/VM are in locked state?

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Thursday, March 7, 2019
re: Diwakar Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hi Diwakar,

I would recommend contacting to get more specific answers to your questions, and we can arrange a live demo, but in general:

  1. Yes absolutely, here is our guide to testing MS Dynamics AX 2012 -
  2. Yes, Rapise integrates with most CI/CD pipelines, see -
  3. Yes, Rapise comes with a TFS/VSTS integration package, see -
  4. Yes, you can run the Rapise tests unattended on a VM without having to stay connected. This KB article explains how to set it up correctly for unattended execution -



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