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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraPlan. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraPlan.

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Recovering Deleted Folders
6061 views 1 replies
Hello, I have few questions regarding spira. I created a new release X.1 for a particular project. once the release X.1 is created it has other folders added by default (though it is not …
How to define tasks, independent of requirements
5748 views 1 replies
How can one define tasks independent of requirements? For example, I want to define and track tasks/ activities related to Project Planning NOT related to Requirements Planning. For Example: …
Does Spira support web service for Spira Test application
11049 views 6 replies
We have SpiraTest with us. We are looking for integration with our inhouse tool. We are looking for web service integration with SpiraTest. Does anybody have experience for this ? …
Administrator password for spiraPlan
10310 views 1 replies
I have downloaded spiraPlan Trail version. I am stuck at login screen. What's Administrator Password …
Email notifications do not work at all when adding comments
10326 views 1 replies
Using version 4.0 of SpiraTest. Email notification are not working at all when adding comments. Is ther a known bug? Fixpack? BR Olli …
Spell check
10579 views 1 replies
Does Sprial Test have Spell check?…
How to document daily hours on tasks
10763 views 1 replies
I'm just evaluating SpiralPlan. I can't find anywhere, where do register hours on task, each day. Nor can I find any reports where I can for example se how a resource has been used the last month: T…
How to use effort fields
11615 views 2 replies
How does one use the "effort" fields (e.g., the Planned Effort field in the Requirement Details screen and the other Effort fields in the Task Details screen).…
Testing>>Test Cases Expand - Collapse functionality
11351 views 1 replies
I have huge no of test cases under Testing>>Test Cases in Spira Test. Whenever I login to Spira Test, all folders are in expanded mode. I feel huge problem to find out my particular folder. Is there a…
SpiraPlan - quick start guide, I can not perform the demo
10766 views 3 replies
SpiraPlan - quick start guide, I can not perform the demo I m following the demo based od the Spira QuickStartGuide.pdf but I have the problems: 1. In "Adding requirement taks" (page 7 of t…
After installing visual studio premium 2012 I can no longer import/export test cases from/too spirateam using the excel importer/exporter addins
10785 views 2 replies
Hi, I have Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus. For sometime I have successfully been using the Excel Add In for SpiraTeam to Import and Export Test Cases too and from SpiraTeam with …
Incident custom properties disabled
11799 views 1 replies
How come when I create a new custom property in the incidents section, they are disabled when I try entering a new incident? They work fine in the other parts of the system (requirements, test ca…
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